Dolly 100x120cm

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Artikelnummer: HEN.b118
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UN Zertifiziert


A firm and high quality pallet forms the basis of a long lifetime for the MP Multibox. The pallet gives the 4 walls the stability you expect from a high quality pallet box.

The pallet’s topdeck consists of 1200mm planks, underneath 3 supporting planks, from which the outer can be made from hardwood. Between the upper and underdeck are 9 wooden blocks.

The topdeck is 20mm thick, which gives an optimal fit to the bench hooks attached to the walls of the MP Multibox.

The pallets are build from high grade planed whitewood.


  • On request the pallet is treated for ISPM-15.
  • Also the outer planks can be made from hardwood, preventing chipping when used with forklifts.
  • We can aslo fit the pallet with tubular rivets through the 9 wooden blocks, giving it extra rigidity an a neccessity when tilting the MPbox with a forklift when dumping the load.
  • Optional with a central opening (30x30cm) for use with big bags
  • On request we can offer a groundsize tolerance of only 0mm / -2mm. This can be important when using the MPbox with production robots.

The size of our standard pallets is 800x1200mm and 1000x1200mm

Also we offer tailor made pallets for special applications. These are of the same high quality as our standard sized pallet.