Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm – Zamko B.V.

Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm

Steel Pallet BoxesSKU:SPN.e80.FC800x1200xH800mm Collapsible
Ground size (mm):800x1200
External dimension (mm):800x1200xH800
Interior dimensions (mm):780x1180xH700
Interior volume (m3):0,64
Height when folded (mm):300
Weight (kg): -
Wall thickness (mm):4
Load capacity (kg):450
Stacking (Static) -

Heavy duty mesh wire pallet box 800x1200m with closed walls. “Made in EU” by company with very high after sales service standards

Technical Specifications

External dimension800x1200xH800
Height when folded (mm)300
Interior volume (m3)0,64
Weight (kg) -
Loading Capacity STATIC -
Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)450
Stacking (Static) -
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)70
Wall thickness (mm)4
Folding windowYes
Mouse TightNo
External height800
Inside Height (cm) -
Weight in ex palletincl. pallet
Wall typeClosed
Product consists ofPallet & walls one piece
UN CertifiedNo
Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm-Zamko B.V.

Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm


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Steel Pallet Boxes

Here you’ll find a wide range of strong and durable metal cassettes and boxes, suitable for all areas of industry, but especially for customers from the metalworking and automotive sectors. ZAMKO provides high-quality packing boxes made of metal, designed for dry storage of various types of irregularly shaped goods.

In this category, a wide range of offers awaits your choice:

  • Walk In Steel Pallet Boxes;
  • Stacking Frames;
  • Mesh Wire Pallet Walls;
  • Gitterboxes;
  • Steel Cages;

All offers are available in standard and European sizes. ZAMKO provides the possibility of individual ordering of shapes and sizes according to the needs of your field. Unlike other types of packaging products, steel pallet boxes are suitable not only for transportation, but also for long-term storage of goods, providing strength and durability under serious and everyday load. This makes them a practical solution for storing produce. Most of the offers are equipped with wheels or sliders, which ensure their easy movement.

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Luchthavenweg 81-232A5657 EA Eindhoven NL

Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm

Steel Pallet BoxesSKU:SPN.e80.FC800x1200xH800mm In Stock
Ground size (mm): 800x1200
External dimension (mm): 800x1200xH800
Interior dimensions (mm): 780x1180xH700
Interior volume (m3): 0,64
Height when folded (mm): 300
Weight (kg): -
Wall thickness (mm): 4
Load capacity (kg): 450
Stacking (Static) -


A compact yet robust mesh wire cage measuring 800x1200mm is an ideal solution for efficient storage and transportation of goods. The wire construction offers visibility and ventilation while ensuring secure containment during handling and transit.


The Mesh Wire Cage with dimensions of 800mm x 1200mm offers a versatile solution for your storage and transportation needs:

  • Dimensions: 800mm x 1200mm
  • Constructed with durable wire mesh for strength and visibility
  • Efficient for stacking, storing, and transporting items while maintaining visibility
  • Allows for proper ventilation, reducing moisture and ensuring product integrity
  • Configurable design to suit various storage and transportation requirements


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Luchthavenweg 81-232A5657 EA Eindhoven NL

Mesh Wire Cage 800x1200mm

Technical Specificatins

Refer to this page for complete technical information.

Dimensions (mm):

Box 1 1200Length mm
Box 2 800Width mm
Box 3 800Height mm
Box 4 0,64lVolume
External:800x1200xH800Folded and Stacked:300(9 units) Internal:780x1180xH700Erected and Stacked:2039 (2 units) Folded:800 x 1200 x 330 Shelf:730 x 1130 x 35

Load capacity (kg):

Pallet box 450 kg Pallet box 2 450 kg
Pallet box 3 450 kg Pallet box 4 450 kg
Pallet box 5 450 kg Pallet box 6 450 kg Pallet box 7 450 kg
Max. load distribution for stacking configurations(kg) Dynamic stacking450kg (2on1) Static stacking - kg (3on1)
Pallet box 7 450 kg Max. load capacity(Racking RAL* )
Pallet box 8 450kg Max. load capacity(Dynamic**)
Pallet box 9 - kg Max. load capacity(Static)
Pallet box 10 450 kg Max. load capacity(450 kg )
Pallet box 11 450 kg Max. load capacity(450 kg )
40 kg Average unit weight (empty)Unit:40 kg Shelf:7.2 kg

* RAL: Racking across the lenght of the pallet base with adequate on the outer blocks of the three pallet skids

** Dynamic stacking 450 kg for two units of max - kg load each

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SKU: zgxdsd 455 Stackable:1.3 Capacity (kg):500

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