Many companies manage large logistic operations with their customers and/or suppliers in Asia, Europe or North- & South America.

Frequently in these logistic operations one-way packaging is used. Even when it’s the more expensive option, changing to returnable packaging can be difficult because for this, a new operation needs to be set up and also managed. This is not easily done, and also it’s no core business.

So why not outsource this return process and just take the profit of using returnable packaging?

With our global pooling service we offer our clients a fully outsourced service, in which we supply reusable packaging (or use your reusable packaging) on the multiple locations where needed. A fee is paid for each cycle the boxes are used.

Behind the screens we arrange for local pick-up, cleaning, repair and return transport of the packaging which has been send out. All to be monitored within a sophisticated computer tool.

For your organisation this pooling process will be comparable with your current operation; you get your packaging just-in-time when you need it. We can even unfold the boxes for you, ready-to-use!
No hassle of returning, cleaning, repairing etc.

Examples of companies which could benefit from our pooling services:

Automotive companies
– importing electrical car batteries from South Korea and China to Europe and USA
– car parts distribution

Companies with cold chain logistics
– fresh & frozen food exporters (Europe  <–> Americas)
– meat, fish & sea food exporting companies (Europe <–> Asia)
– pharmaceutical companies

Rubber Industry

Production companies


Summarized are your benefits of pooling reusable packaging

1) No investments are involved, as you pay per trip;

2) No packaging waste is any longer disposed of at point of destination

3) No worries, as everything is outsourced to a experienced specialist

4) You save money, as the fee per trip will be much lower than the price you currently pay for your one-way packaging.

For the pooling services we partner with a company offering pooling reusable packaging to large international companies now for 20 years.

With a current network of around 100 service centres and many distribution centres all over the world, we can service quite large projects for multinational clients.

At this moment the locations are mainly within China, in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam) and in Europe. We can however start projects worldwide.

When you are interested, please give us a call or send us an email.
We will have some short questions in order to be able to give you an initial quotation for your project.

From there we can go more in detail. In a next phase we could set up a trial project.