Cardboard Pallet Box – Custom Made

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Wall thickness (mm): 7

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Our custom made cardboard pallet box is often used for export and product shipments to customers. They are also used for internal processes within production companies.

Carton pallet boxes are available in many sizes, up to a length of 2400mm.
Depending on the products inside and the desired load capacity, we choose the appropriate type of box and box construction together with you.

Cardboard pallet boxes can have a load capacity of more than 1,000kg and with a special construction even up to 4,000kg.

These pallet boxes can not only handle heavy loads but also offer solid benefits to manufacturers and distributors who need to transport and store products on a daily basis, regardless of their size, shape, or weight. The material they are made of – corrugated cardboard – makes cardboard boxes easy to recycle, reusable, and cost-effective for one-time use.


  • They are inexpensive to produce compared to other types of pallet boxes, hence their competitive price.
  • When properly cared for they can be used many times over.
  • They are stackable in warehouses and in trucks. It also depends on the design. For example, a folding window will make higher stacking more difficult.
  • For transport by ship, we have cardboard pallet boxes with a protective layer against humid environments.
  • One of the biggest advantages of cardboard pallet boxes is that they weigh much less than wooden, metal and even plastic pallet boxes. And that is very important, especially when it comes to air freight, where every gram counts.
  • Because of the material they are made of, these are the safest pallet boxes for warehouse workers. They have no nails, very hard surfaces or dangerous edges.
  • Easy and fast for loading and unloading goods. For this, you can also order a corrugated cardboard box with a fold-out window or even a fully removable front.
  • Cardboard boxes are available in all sizes, shapes, capacities, constructions