Plastic Pallet Box Sleeve – 800×1200

Ground size (mm): 800x1200
External dimension (mm): 800x1200xH1100
Interior dimensions (mm): 760X116XH750
Interior volume (m3):
Height when folded (mm): 240
Weight (kg):
Wall thickness (mm): 10

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SKU: PBN.e95

Technical Specifications


External dimension


Height when folded (mm)

Interior volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
Loading Capacity STATIC

Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)

Stacking (Static)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Wall thickness (mm)

Folding window

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Product consists of

UN Certified


Very economical sleevebox 800x1200mm. Has only a bottom to put on top of a wooden pallet. Due to its low price its very often used for on-way logistics. But can easily be used many times. Has a very high loading capacity of up to 500 kg. And stacking 1+4 high