Sleeve box high quality

Plastic Pallet Box Sleeve with Folding Window – 800×1200

Ground size (mm): 800x1200
External dimension (mm):
Interior dimensions (mm):
Interior volume (m3): 0,73
Height when folded (mm): 250
Weight (kg): 29,2
Wall thickness (mm): 10

Technical Specifications →

SKU: PIN.e75.F

Technical Specifications


External dimension
Height when folded (mm)

Interior volume (m3)

Weight (kg)

Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)

Stacking (Static)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Wall thickness (mm)

Folding window

Mouse Tight


Product consists of

UN Certified


Sleevebox in 800 × 1200 with walls of very strong 10mm sandwich panels with bubble-structure for maximum strength and impact protection.
All edges are sealed for easy cleaning. A Loading window is included on the long side, probiding easier access.

Both the lid and the pallet are made by blow molding of twin sheet HDPE for the highest rigidity and dimensional stability.
This is a pallet box with a long service life, which we can deliver for a budget price!

Available in a variety of pallet sizes and wall heights:
Pallet dimensions:
– 1140x 790mm
– 1140x1220mm
– 1140x1300mm
– 1140x1470mm
– 1140x1600mm

Ask us about your required dimensions.

Printing with your logo is also possible.
Optionally, a locking system is available in which 4 sliders on the lid and 4 sliders on the pallet further secure the mounting with the walls.