Schoeller Allibert Magnum Optimum Hopper Bottom
Magnum Optimum Hopper
Schoeller Allibert Magnum Optimum Hopper Bottom

Plastic Pallet Box with accurate bottom dispensing  – 1000×1200

Ground size (mm):1000x1200
External dimension (mm):1000x1200xH1185
Interior dimensions (mm):940x1140xH800
Interior volume (m3):0,85
Height when folded (mm):505
Weight (kg):71
Wall thickness (mm):30

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SKU: PON.b80.X

Technical Specifications


External dimension


Height when folded (mm)

Interior volume (m3)

Weight (kg)

Loading Capacity STATIC

Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)

Stacking (Static)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Wall thickness (mm)

Folding window

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Product consists of

UN Certified


This collapsible bulk container offers a solution for packaging, storing, transporting and dosing bulk goods and small items directly in (semi) automated production or assembly lines. This collapsible bulk container with hopper bottom for dosed unloading consists of a plastic pallet with 4 collapsible plastic walls. Inside is a hopper bottom for central unloading The closed plastic side walls form a whole with the plastic pallet.

This Bulk container can be stacked (5-high in a truck) when folded.