Plastic pallet walls 1000×1200

Ground size (mm): 1000x1200
External dimension (mm): 1000x1200xH715
Interior dimensions (mm): 1116x916x565
Interior volume (m3): 0.61
Height when folded (mm):
Weight (kg):
Wall thickness (mm): 20

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SKU: PMN.b75
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Technical Specifications


External dimension


Interior volume (m3)

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Folding window

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External height

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UN Certified


This is a uniquely designed system offering considerable flexibility.

You get a plastic pallet base and four independent sides, fitted together to create a strong and durable container, offering space savings when not in use: four disassembled containers fit into one, with the pallet bases nested on top. Five collapsed containers therefore fit into the same footprint as one. It means savings of up to 63% storage space.

The unique interlock mechanism is the key to it’s flexibility. It allows each side panel to be locked
into position around the pallet base giving added strength. This enables sidewalls to be built up to three
high giving one container a range of heights from 715mm to 1845mm.

Other unique features:
-walk in: you can remove the front walls during (un-)loading
-foldable, reducing space when empty.
-hygienic features for food acpplications
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