Plastic Poly Box – 800×1200

Ground size (mm): 800x1200
External dimension (mm):
Interior dimensions (mm):
Interior volume (m3):
Height when folded (mm):
Weight (kg): 30
Wall thickness (mm): 10

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SKU: PAG.e75
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Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1230 mm

Weight (kg)

Loading Capacity STATIC

Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)

Stacking (Static)

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Wall thickness (mm)

Folding window

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Wall type

Product consists of

UN Certified


This Polybox is a foldable and stackable large pallet container.
Designed for efficient transport and storage, the Polybox can be folded flat when empty, optimizing warehouse/transportation storage space.


+ The pallet and lid feature a locking system to facilitate the emptying of the contents.
+ Parts made of easily repairable materials.
+ This pallet container is supported by three skids and provides four-sided access for forklift trucks
+ Large volume reduction when collapsed(74%)
+ Simple three-piece design makes set-up and folding simple and efficient
+ Folds flat and stacks up to 12 layers high for maximum warehouse storage optimization


Load capacity: 300kg

with 300kg: 1+1
with 200kg: 1+2

+ Folded 10-stack unit for tautliner trucks
+ Folded 12-stack unit for jumbo/mega trucks