UNI-PAK by Ducaplast Sleeve Pack – 1000×1200

Ground size (mm): 1000x1200
External dimension (mm): 1000x1200xH900
Interior dimensions (mm): 920x1120xH750
Interior volume (m3): 0,77
Height when folded (mm): 250
Weight (kg): 33.7
Wall thickness (mm): 10

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SKU: PIG.b90.F
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Technical Specifications


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Height when folded (mm)

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UN Certified


Sleeve Pack with base size 1000x1200mm. Includes a flap window on the long side. Walls of 10mm channel plate, combined with a good stacking capacity. Collapsible pallet box, tripbox, Polybox. High quality for multiple years of use. -pallet and lid are made of light and stiff twin-sheet Hdpe -10mm walls made of double-sided laminated sandwich panels with cellular structure for high lateral protection (Conpearl) -on both lid and pallet there is a locking system (2×4 locks) The model is the UNI-PAK made by Ducaplast Now very economical in USED but excellent condition. Large numbers are also available. The walls are collapsible to pallet size, making them folded easy to put into storage and at the same time taking up little space. The drop door makes the accessibility of the boxes optimal during loading/unloading. Thanks to a good fit, the pallet boxes are easy to build. Despite its high quality, this box has a very low price partly because they are second-hand. Contact us for our best price and book directly!