Pallet Box -4 detachable walls incl. 1 hinged gate

Ground size (mm): 1000x1200
External dimension (mm): 1000x1200xH800
Interior dimensions (mm): 950x1150xH800
Interior volume (m3):
Height when folded (mm): 125
Weight (kg): 36
Wall thickness (mm): 25

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SKU: MPB.b80.F
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Technical Specifications


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UN Certified


The most popular MPbox with hinged gate in pallet size 1000x1200mm. For return logistics: 16 boxes per pallet space. Storage: 40 boxes per pallet space.

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MP Multibox as a shopdisplay

The MP Multibox is a pallet box with detachable walls which can be put from the truck directly into the shop, displaying products in an attractive way.


In DIY retail the MP Multibox is used for the displaying of boxed goods. Also bulk goods like bags of sand can be stacked inside, or blistered articles can be put as bulk goods inside.

Food retail

In food retail the MP Multibox is used as shop display for mainly bagged potatoes and onions, melons and fresh fruit.

For this purpose we have a model with a shelve halfway taking the pressure of the bottom products. Together with a folding window, it proves convenient to use for shop employees as well as for customers

Non food retail

Also for large non food retail companies the MP Multibox has proven to be an distinguishing shop display. Dimensions and functionality of the MP Multibox  can be tailor made to your requirements.


The MP Multibox has a very sturdy build and can withstand many (>500) logistic movements over a long lifespan (>15 years).