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MP Box -detail

Pallet Box -4 detachable walls with preparation for hinged gate

Ground size (mm): 800x1200
External dimension (mm): 800x1200xH700
Interior dimensions (mm): 750x1150xH700
Interior volume (m3): 0,6
Height when folded (mm): 125
Weight (kg): 28,8
Wall thickness (mm): 25

Technical Specifications →

SKU: MPB.e70.M

Technical Specifications


External dimension


Height when folded (mm)

Interior volume (m3)

Weight (kg)

Loading Capacity STATIC

Loading Capacity DYNAMISCH (kg)

Stacking (Static)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Wall thickness (mm)

Folding window

Mouse Tight


Product consists of

UN Certified


The walls have a preparation for the use of a hinged gate. Therefore interchangeable with MPboxen with hinged gate.

Download the Brochure with our full product range as a Pdf (3Mb).

This MP Box is a collapsible/foldable pallet cage of reliable and solid construction which consists of four detachable walls fixed to a 1200x800mm Euro pallet. The box is prepared for use with a folding window on the long side. The four walls are put together sturdily with centering pins and are fastened to the pallet with four bench hooks.

The walls can be assembled and detached by one person with only a few movements.

The detached walls of 7 boxes can be stored in only one MP Multibox, thus reducing the empty volume by 88%.

Pleasant with return shipments and convenient in your warehouse as they take little space when empty.