What is EuroBin Extended Family by IPL Macro and Zamko?

EuroBin Extended Family (EEF) includes 7 advanced pallet boxes with extended dimensions and capacity. The family includes:

  1. EuroBin-EL1400 (1400-L x 1200-W x *-H) – up to 600 kg
  2. EuroBin-EL1600 (1600 x 1200 x *) – up to 600 kg
  3. EuroBin-EL2000 (2000 x 1200 x *) – up to 600 kg
  4. EuroBin-EL1300  (1300 x 1200 x *) – up to 600 kg
  5. EuroBin-DS 717 (1200  x 1000 x 717) – up to 900 kg
  6. EuroBin-DS 980 (1200 x 1000 x 980) – up to 900 kg
  7. EuroBin-DS 1100 (1200 x 1000 x 1100) – up to 900 kg

Security of goods and storage teams is always first

Zamko is an EU representative of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pallet boxes and containers, IPL Macro. These are pallet boxes that have unique durability, security and ease of handling. The safety of the products during transportation and then during their storage in the warehouses are vital for reducing the losses of the companies. Therefore, in addition to creating secure and strong containers, Zamko and IPL also emphasize the development of innovative Safe Handling Practices for both stages.

Here are some basic Safe Handling Practices:

  • Pallet boxes/containers must be secured to the vehicle used for transport in a way that eliminates any movement while the vehicle is on the road.
  • When transporting empty or full Macro-containers in a vehicle with small rack like pick-up, the containers must always be secured and covered.
  • Containers must never be stacked on unsupported racking.

  • Containers can be loaded on fully held deck racking.

Why EuroBin Extended Family is the best solution for Automotive and Industrial companies?

Reason One:

EEF are folding plastic pallet boxes (100% Polypropylene) with extended dimensions and capacity. They are designed and manufactured for a long life. And can be used repeatedly, year after year. EuroBin Extended Family Macro-containers are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Reason Two:

All 7 advanced pallet boxes from EEF are perfectly suitable for reusable packaging. With this strategy you will save a lot of money for your company. Reusable or returnable packaging is a closed supply chain that utilizes the available resource as rationally as possible. EuroBin Extended Family plastic pallet boxes have a lifespan of between 3 and 20 years. Or between 100 and approximately 500 rotations.

Reason Three:

EuroBin Extended Family are collapsible containers, fully adapted for automotive & industrial products. They are developed to optimize shipping efficiencies. This means reduced shipping costs and losses. They have extended capacity and dimensions, while at the same time having a light tare weight (35% lighter tare weight and 25% greater return ratio than other foldable large containers). EEF maximize auto parts volume in each shipment. The patented 3ple-wall base is strong and impact-resilient offering greater products protection. Advanced dunnage fasteners allow for the connection of custom dunnage that can further protect your product during transit.


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