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Global Pooling Solutions

Many companies manage large logistic operations with their customers and/or suppliers in Asia, Europe or North- & South America.

Frequently in these logistic operations one-way packaging is used. Even when it’s the more expensive option, changing to returnable packaging can be difficult because for this, a new operation needs to be set up and also managed. This is not easily done, and also it’s no core business.

So why not outsource this return process and just take the profit of using returnable packaging?

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Plastic Repair Pallet Boxes

We can professionally repair plastic pallet boxes of all types. If necessary on location throughout Europe.

The repair is barely visible and the pallet box after repair is even stronger than before. Often repair is a very economical solution.

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Plastic Repair Pallet Boxes


Our main goal is to help every company find an optimal solution based on individual needs, requirements and minimizing transport costs. Our team specialises in offering the best options for diverse industries such as automotive, chemical, manufacturing and others.

Automotive packaging

ZAMKO is a provider of industrial packaging solutions, specialising in automotive packaging. We create customised packaging solutions to help companies in the automotive sector package their high-value parts and components. From mechanical parts to fragile interior components, we help you ship everything safely and economically.

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Export packaging

Export packages are often consumables. As they do not return to the source, you buy them again and again and they form a substantial part of your cost price. There is a lot of choice in export packaging, one-way pallet boxes, for example, are available in Cardboard, Wood and also Plastic.

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E-Waste recycling

The MP Box is currently used for the collection and processing of e-Waste in a large part of the European E-Waste recycling market. To improve the efficiency of the material handling process, this pallet box has been redesigned and adapted to the e-waste supply chain.

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Cold Chain packaging

“Cold Chain” stands for a temperature-controlled supply chain. Some products need to be transported under a strictly controlled cold temperature to ensure that product quality remains consistently high. Failure to control the temperature during transport, or to demonstrate that you have done so, can disqualify valuable shipments and leave you with damaged goods and unhappy customers.

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Our wide variety of pooling options helps us provide the best solutions for every need. We offer many individual special applications with unique characteristics ready to meet the expectations of your industry, no matter what field it is in.

Walk-In Pallet Box

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Big Bag Racks

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Bulk Containers

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Retail Display Box

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Long Good Frames

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