Big Bag Racks

How a big bag rack can change your big bag logistics
The MP Box is often used as a Big Bag rack. It provides companies with a versatile, more cost efficient and effective Big Bag logistics. Because the MP Box has some unique practical benefits.

ZAMKO’s Big Bag Rack (MPB.b80) ensures a safe double-stacked transport of big bags by truck, train or ship. Easy to load and unload. Available in various heights. For storage you can stack them up to 5-high (with 5 x 1.000kg) without using a racking system. As example you can see a product video about the Big Back Racks used at Wienerberger (MPB.b80).
Big Bag - for transport

6 practical advantages of MP Box Big Bag Racks

  • Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
    Using the MP Box system you can stack big bags up to 5 high (with a maximum of 5 x 1.000kg) in your warehouse. No additional racking system is required.
  • Doubling Truck load capacity
    Use the MP Box for your big bag logistics and double-stack your load during transport per road, rail or sea. Utilizing the maximum of your cargo space will immediately save on transport cost. Two 110cm high MP Big bag holders – each on a pallet – make a total height of 250cm, filling most trucks to its maximum capacity.
  • No swinging during truck transport
    Double stacking your Big Bags during transport (road, train & sea) can be done without any safety issues. Because of the wall construction big bags will not swing during transport. Compared to other Big Bag frames available in the market this is an unmistakable benefit.
  • Side protection
    In addition, the MP Box also provides your bulk goods inside the big bag with optimal side impact protection. 
  • Flexible height
    The complete range of MP Boxes offers you the choice of various heights; between 700 – 2200mm. 
  • Custom solutions
    On request we build your Big Bag Holder according to your specifications. In order to make an optimal match with your current operation.

The above advantages give the MP Box a head start in the choice of industrial buyers for improving their Big Bag Logistics.

Due to the many practical advantages, Big Bag Holders are used in a wide variety of logistics processes.

Internal transport Big Bag - fast loading of truck
Moving big bags for internal processes like machine supply and movements between production locations.

Road, Train & Sea Transport
Safely double stacking your load during transport. Between factories, to and from suppliers and during delivery to your customers.

Robotized Warehouse
The MP Box perfectly accommodates the required uniformity and safety guidelines common in robotized warehouse logistics.

Temporary Storage
Space-saving solution by stacking big bags up to 5 high (5×1.000kg) in warehouse for temporary storage or transshipment.

1. Doubling truck load capacity
2. Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
3. No swinging during truck transport
4. Side protection of goods
5. Flexible heights
6. Custom solutions on request

A widely used alternative are the Manurack Big Bag Holders and simmilar products. For this we have in our assortment the Steel Big Bag Holder (SMN.m01) which consists of a steel base with a very high loading capacity and 4 poles.

The whole has a high loading capacity and the height can be adjusted to the exact needs of your logistics process.

The height can be adjusted just by changing the length of the 4 poles. These poles are available up to 200cm. The Manurack Big Bag Racks -using 200cm poles- can have a load capacity up to 2.000kg stacking 1+1. With lower poles the loading capacity will even increase.