Bulk containers

For transport of dry bulk goods, pet preforms, granulate, pellets etc. in returnable pallet boxes, you need special reinforced boxes in order to avoid bulging of the walls. At the same time you want low cost collapsible pallet boxes, which can be used time after time.

All these requirements are met by our bulk storage containers: they are collapsible, reinforced, and low price.

Our innovative, foldable, bulk container can be used to dispense, store and transport PET preforms and caps and closures in the beverage and food industry. And also chemical compounds like butyl.

For easy handling and secured contents. Ideal for all bulk products, ZAMKO’s Plastics pallet boxes and bulk storage containers are extremely robust. Also they have smooth inside walls and are easy to clean.

When using our bulk containers you can transport your components or bulk materials with a normal truck in 2 layers. During return transports you can fit up to 15 bulk containers into a single pallet place. This ensures reduced freight costs for both your outbound and return transport.

Our bulk containers can be stacked two high when full. In this way you use your storage capacity more efficient. The bulk containers have proven to be an economical bulk storage & transportation system which is also ideally suited to store your components or bulk for a longer time without the risk of contamination.
The walls of these pallet boxes have steel reinforcements to avoid bulging.

Because our bulk containers are returnable you want to get them back at your point of origin in an economical way. That’s why they are foldable, for low-cost return transport.

One of the important applications of our bulk containers is transportation and storage of butyl for the rubber industry and  tyre manufacturers.
Other application areas are companies processing PET preforms and caps, and producers of battery sleeves

Our bulk containers are used in component packing stations, ready for shipment to your customer‘s production facility. Companies with various production sites use the collapsible and light-weight bulk containers for material handling logistics between their production sites. Producers in a variety of industries, including automotive, plastics, chemicals, industrial equipment, and appliance components use our Bulk Containers. It’s a money saving materials handling solution.

Our bulk containers have a very resistant, yet light-weight construction. They are designed for heavy use through many logistic movements and over a long period of time. Thus reducing your operational costs.

We offer bulk storage containers as plastic sleeve boxes PIN.b95 and as steel pallet boxes SIN.m95.
Also a model which is widely used is the Octabin. When you have interest in this type please inform for possibilities.

For bulk containers we offer global pooling services of  returnable packaging.

You pay per trip a smaller amount than you pay now for your one-way packaging. More information you find on our page about our Global Packaging Pooling Services.

When you are interested, or have questions, please give us a call or send us an email.
We are glad to seek together with you the optimal solution fitting the requirements of your bulk logistics per m3.