Bulk containers

Collapsible MP Bulk Containers with Hopper Bottom for dosed unloading
MP Packaging’s gravity feed collapsible bulk containers offer you a flexible solution for effectively packing, storing, transporting and accurately discharging components or bulk cargo directly from or into your production line or assembly line.These bulk containers have a central sliding outlet in their hopper bottom.

You can accurately control the unloading process by only partially opening the outlet gate of the bulk containers. You have maximum control through the special worm wheel construction. The MP Bulk Containers can be used for components or bulk cargo such as granules, shells, and other uniformly shaped products or components from Ø 8mm and up. For materials with a smaller diametre we advise using an inside liner.

MP Bulk Containers are the ideal solution to feed components or small parts in (semi-) automated production lines or assembly lines. You can place the bulk containers on top of vibratory bowl feeders or feeders with (magnetic) conveyors for automated feeding of your production- or assembly line.

Bulk Container with hopper dispensingWhen stacked in double hight, a continuous supply to your machine feeder will be ensured by only changing the top of the two bulk containers, which is feeding the bottom bulk container.

With the MP Bulk Containers you can transport your components or bulk materials with a normal truck in 2 layers. During return transports you can fit up to 5 bulk containers into a single pallet place, which ensures reduced freight costs for both your outbound and return transport.

MP Bulk Containers can be stacked two high when full, to maximize your storage capacity. The bulk containers have proven to be an economical bulk storage, -transportation & dosable unloading system which is also ideally suited to store your components or bulk for a longer time without the risk of contamination.

One of the important applications of MP Bulk Containers is feeding the assembly line or production machines with small parts or intermediates via accurately dispensing its content via the sliding outlet in its hopper bottom. MP Bulk Containers can be placed directly from the truck on top of a machine feeder, making your materials handling more practical and efficient.

Bulk ContainerAlso MP Bulk Containers are used in component packing stations, ready for shipment to your customer‘s production facility. Companies with various production sites use the collapsible and light-weight MP Bulk Containers for material handling logistics between their production sites. Producers in a variety of industries, including automotive, plastics, chemicals, industrial equipment, and appliance components use MP Bulk Containers. It’s a money saving materials handling solution, also for manufacturers of bottle caps, plastic bottles and battery sleeves.

MP Bulk Containers have a very resistant, yet light-weight construction. They are designed for heavy use through many (> 500) logistic movements and over a long (> 10 years) period of time. Thus reducing your operational costs.

We also offer a plastic pallet box with hopper bottom (PON.b80.X). This model is already available from 6 units.

Bulk Container with hopper bottomSome of the main benefits of using our bulk containers include reduced labor costs, packaging materials and materials handling costs. You will find this to be an ergonomic and time-saving solution to traditional boxes typically used to store and dispense granular products or small components. For sure MP Bulk Containers offer you a better return on your supply chain investment.