Export package

When exporting your goods on pallets, always choose the right export packaging option. There is a lot of choice.

MATERIALS Export packaging - pallets Zamko
To start with, you can choose the  material: wood boxes or plywood boxes, but also cardboard pallet boxes. All wood parts are delivered with ISPM-15 treatment, necessary for transport outside of Europe.

Both in cardboard and in plywood palletboxen, loading capacities of 200 – 1,000kg of dynamic load capacity are available. They can then be stacked 1+1.

If you use the cardboard pallet boxes Export packaging - wooden palletboxenfor sea freight over a longer distance, there is a special version that can withstand high humidity for a long time. This is necessary to prevent sagging during transport.

For larger runs, special insides are also available, which are tailor-made for your products. So that they are motionless and shockproof in the pallet box. This is available both for the plywood boxes and for the cardboard pallet boxes.

UNCERTIFIEDExport packaging in cardboard
If necessary, we also have uncertified export packaging for your dangerous goods. In both wood and cardboard with a pallet size 800x1200m.