Export packaging

Export packaging is often a consumable item. As part of the finished product, they are used as final packaging to the customer. Because they do not return, you buy them again and again and they are a substantial part of your cost price.

There is a lot of choice in export packaging, for example, the one-time pallet boxes are available in Cardboard, Wood, and also in Plastic.

You can make an optimal choice depending on the weight that you need (dynamic load capacity), the vulnerability of your products and the country to which you export.

MATERIALS Export packaging - pallets Zamko
To start with, you can choose the  material: wooden boxes or plywood boxes, but also cardboard pallet boxes are possible.

All wooden pallets that come with carboard pallet boxes can be delivered with ISPM-15 treatment, which is necessary for transports outside of Europe.

In addition, used plastic pallet boxes (such as the PAG.e75) are also a frequently chosen option for export. Certainly if you need a high bearing capacity and you export to countries that have problems with wood.

Both in cardboard and in plywood palletboxen, loading capacities of 200 – 1,000kg of dynamic load capacity are available. They can then be stacked 1+1.

If you use the cardboard pallet boxes Export packaging - wooden palletboxenfor sea freight over a longer distance, there is a special version that can withstand high humidity for a long time. This is necessary to prevent “sagging” during transport.

For larger runs, special insides are also available, which are tailor-made for your products. So that they are motionless and shockproof in the pallet box. This is available both for the plywood boxes and for the cardboard pallet boxes.

UN-CERTIFIEDExport packaging in cardboard
If necessary, we also have UN-certified export packaging for your dangerous goods. In both wood and cardboard with a pallet size 800x1200m.

Choosing the optimum export package means choosing the most economical option that is suitable for your specific product.

We are happy to advise you on this. Because we offer the entire range of export boxes from various suppliers, we are able to give you independent advice.