Long good frames

Long goods racks are special racks made of steel or wood/steel for the safe and easy storage or transport of long goods. They are the ideal storage and transport solution for any type of long material.


  • high load capacity (up to 5 x 1,500 kg)
  • long life (>25 years)
  • Foldable or nestable when empty
  • up to 5-high stackable
  • Side protection for sensitive cargo

The long goods racks can all be easily moved with the forklift.

There are many different sectors where you use long goods racks. For example for storage and transport of:

– Swimming pool covers
– Ventilation pipes
– Tubes & Profiles
– Flagpoles
– Flooring & Carpets
– Large semi-finished products

The processing of the long goods racks is very high. They are suitable for heavy goods – up to 1,500kg per rack. The offered long goods racks have a very long service life.