Pallet Boxes Automotive Industrie

In Europe, the automotive sector is the user of the largest number of folding pallet boxes. Throughout Europe, these are used by the OEM, first & second tier suppliers in numbers of many hundreds of thousands.

Due to use and movements, in particular through the use of forklifts, these load carriers are damaged over time. Sometimes serious and sometimes only superficial. Each year, on average, around 10% are replaced by new automotive pallet boxes. Both due to damage and wear.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive sector have opted not to buy back new but slightly used pallet boxes for their pool of used pallet boxes when they are replaced after a defect. After all, all their boxes have already been used, and they must only be in a technically safe and reliable state.

Due to the enormous price difference between good used and new pallet boxes, this solution brings a big money saving.

Sometimes it can be a problem to buy the right used pallet boxes. It is often difficult to come by. However, we have a few models of automotive pallet boxes that we can supply in a steady, reliable power at very attractive prices.

All models that we supply are foldable or collapsible, meaning that they can be folded in when empty so that they take up less space during storage and return transport.


This concerns in particular the following models with the dimensions behind them:

Orbis 1000x1200xH950mm 

Magnum Classic 800x1200xH970mm
Magnum Classic 1000x1200xH1200mm
Magnum Classic 1000x1200xH970mm product video about the Magnum Classic used 

Magnum Optimum 1000x1200xH970mm – product video about the Magnum Optimum used

Eurobin 1000x1200xH980mm – product video about the Eurobin Macroplastics used

If you click on one of the links above, you will be taken to the relevant product page with technical specifications and also photos of the used pallet boxes. You can also request a quote from us directly on the above pages.

Sometimes it can be a problem to buy the right used pallet boxes. It is often difficult to come by.

However, we have a few models of pallet boxes for the automotive industry that we can supply in a steady stream at very attractive prices.

For larger numbers, it is wise to take a delivery time into account. For regular customers of one of the above used pallet boxes, we try to guarantee a steady delivery as much as possible.
This is important because otherwise our customers must fall back on purchasing new ones in the event of a failure.