Sea Transport

Sea transport usually gives special requirements on the packaging of the products. 
Nevertheless, often only pallets are used without walls. 
There are plenty of examples of logistic processes where cardboard boxes are stacked on the pallet and the maritime container is filled only half height. The advantage of stackable pallet boxes is evident: the savings on transport costs is so huge that the payback time is mostly around one year, used pallet boxes are often earned back after only one transport! Look for instance at the steel MPG.m95.S

Reusable vs. one-time pallet boxes
Often one-pallet boxes are used during sea transport. With a relatively light construction that is sufficient to just maintain the load. 

If there are frequent shipments to certain destinations, deploying more expensive reusable and collapsible pallet boxes also with maritime transport will give substantial economic benefits compared to the one-time pallet boxes (which you should buy it again each time). With a high transport frequency one can retrieve the empty pallet boxes relatively fast per full container load.

Robust construction
When this is applied to second hand pallet boxes then the math is quickly made. For example, the MPG.b80 is excellent for use during sea transport. The design is made to withstand high torsional forces Even when they are double stacked.

    For us the fully enclosed plastic pallet boxes are ideal for temporary storage of precious goods. The delivery went smoothly and the price was very interesting.

    Brian Baker

    Director, Vlotweg TopMovers