A used pallet box is a smart alternative for new pallet cages, gitter boxes, stacking boxes, or transport boxes.

Racking system
The foldable pallet boxes can be easily integrated with your existing racking system. When empty and not in use you simply fold them for compact storage.

Stacking and racking up to 5-high with 5.000kg
Depending on the model, the used pallet boxes can be stacked up to 5 high and up top 1.000kg in your warehouse.

Flexible height
Next to different pallet sizes our assortment lets you choose from different heights and materials. You just choose the model best fitting your logisitc demands. For example click here to see pictures and specs of our steel pallet box with removable walls.

    Due to these 100% sealable plastic pallet boxes my archive now is stored in a safe and protected way.

    David Klinkert

    Director, Davidsboom-Latei