Transport & Distribution

Most companies transport their goods using only pallets. Sometimes wrapping foil around it prevents the load from falling over.

Advantages of collapsible pallet boxes
Most companies can save time and money by using collapsible pallet boxes

Optimized use of loading capacity
– Pallet Boxes can be double stacked. In this way you fully utilize the load capacity of the truck. With pallet boxes you will transport less air!

Optimal product protection
– The walls of the pallet box give maximum protection to the products inside. If ventilation of the products is required a used pallet box with openings in its wall can be chosen. Important for agricultural products, transportation and export of flower bulbs, strawberry plants, sunflowers, conifers etc.

Theft prevention
Choosing a closed pallet box with lid prevents theft of the goods inside. As an option a lock can be installed on these pallet boxes. See for instance our plastic model with lid here.

Why companies choose for using collapsible pallet boxes
What are the economical savings companies make when they start using reusalble collapsible pallet boxes? Some examples are the following:

No longer damage during loading and transport
– The load no longer protrudes from the pallet and in this way no longer becomes damaged during transport. 
– No damage through fork lift hits the side and damages the load

The load can be stacked till the ceiling

– no goods will fall of the pallet
– no high lifting is necessary for you personel
– pressure is taken off the lower goods.
Therefore with pallet boxes the truck’s loading capacity is can be fully exploited without worries.

Environmentally friendlier

Without pallet walls (pallet boxes), often a stretch film is necessary to keep the load straight. This is not only time consuming to apply, it’s also expensive and environmentally unfriendly. With collapsible pallet boxes this is no longer necessary.

    For a new project we visited the warehouse of in order to see the different solutions available. Along with on site advice, we now have an optimal solution for a competitive price.

    Frank van de Griendt

    Director, Grando Logistics bv