Walk-In Pallet Box

Loading & unloading safer and faster
The Walk-In Pallet Box has some unique characteristics which have already provided rarely found solutions in various materials handling processes.

Just walk in- and out of your pallet boxes
By introducing a novelty in the construction of the MP Box, we succeeded in making a foldable pallet box which is fully functionally for loading and unloading with only 3 (or even 2) walls snapped onto the pallet. 


  • Safer & Faster Loading & Unloading
  • Heavy goods or large objects can be (un-)loaded by walking inside the pallet box. No longer back problems and also faster processing.

  • Safety Improvements in Racking Systems
  • Using the Walk-in Pallet Box for stacking goods in a racking system, will maximize access during order picking. Also avoiding the risk of goods falling from the pallet during reach truck operations or order picking at larger heights in racking systems.

  • Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
  • Using the MP Box system you can stack them 5 high (with a maximum of 5 x 1.000kg) in your warehouse. No additional racking system is required.

  • Doubling Truck Load Capacity
  • During transport you can double-stack your load utilizing the maximum of the cargo space. This will give immediate savings on transport. Two 110cm high MP Boxes – each on a pallet – make a total height of 250cm, filling most trucks to its maximum capacity.

  • Flexible Height
  • The complete range of Walk-In Pallet Boxes offers you the choice of various height; between 700 – 2200mm.

  • Custom Solutions
  • On request we build your Walk-In Pallet Box according to your specifications. In order to make an optimal match with your current operation.

    Walk-in pallet box - easy loading en unloading

    Due to the many practical advantages and safety issues solved, the Walk-In Pallet Box is allready being applied in a wide variety of logistics processes.

    High Racking Systems
    In high racking systems highlydangerous situations can occur while (un-)loading pallets from the racking system. The Walk-In Pallet Box prevents goods from falling of the pallet without interfering with an easy order picking process.

    Transshipment of Palletized Goods
    With the collo modular Walk-In Pallet Box, you can directly put the complete pallet inside the Walk-In Pallet Box for storage in high racking systems; with maximum security.

    Order Picking Processes
    Giving maximum access to the pallet box through complete removal of front side. Making (un-)loading faster and safer.

    Robotized Warehouse
    The Walk-In Pallet Box perfectly accomodates the required uniformity and safety guidelines common in robotized warehouse logistics.

    1. Easier, safer & faster (un-)loading
    2. Doubling truck load capacity
    3. Stacking 5-high with 5.000kg
    4. Fast 1-person (dis-)assembly
    5. Collapsible during return transport
    6. No maintenance – Long lifespan (25+ years)

    We have two more series of pallet boxes wich you can walk in and out during (un-) loading

    One alternative are closed steel boxes which are collapsible and light weight (SIN.m95 or SIG.m95 for a used closed steel box).

    CARTON (one way transport)
    An other alternative is to use our carton pallet boxes with we also have with a special Walk-In construction. You can easily take out the frontside of the pallet box, as with our other Walk In models. These carton pallet boxes are often used for export and mostly for one-way use, although they have a very high quality and could be used more often.

    Walk-in palletboxen - wooden pallet boxen