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Your Source for Collapsible Pallet Boxes

ZAMKO specializes in collapsible pallet boxes. Our mission is clear: deliver the perfect solution at the right price for each project.


We focus on personalized service. Our expertise is your advantage. Timelines matter, and we meet them. Trust is earned, and we work hard to earn yours.

Our specialization in collapsible pallet boxes means we offer a diverse range of sizes, materials, and services like customization, repair, rental, and pooling.

We share insights through blogs and expert consultations by phone. Finding the best packaging solution is your goal; we make it easy.

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Mission & Vision

We’re on a mission to provide more collapsible, reusable pallet boxes. Replacing pallets with reusable pallet boxes, boosts competitiveness of our clients and sustainability of society.

Mission & Vision

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

ZAMKO meticulously selects products that meet safety, quality, and environmental standards. Our EU-compliant pallet boxes ensure reliability.

Also, we offer a range of “walk-in” pallet boxes, which prioritize worker health.

We champion the environment by extending product lifespans after professional repair, offering plastic pallet boxes made of recycled material, repurposing used pallet boxes, and implementing a recycling program. An economical and ecological solution for all.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Our team

ZAMKO’s dedicated team of specialists drives our success. Enthusiasm, professionalism, and high service standards define us. 
Offering you the right solution for your business keeps us happy and energetic.

Satisfied Customers

From local businesses to global giants like Duracell, Hino, ITW, Knorr-Bremse, Philips, and more, our collapsible pallet boxes have streamlined processes for years. Production, warehousing, transport, distribution—our pallet box solutions got them covered.

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