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Automotive Packaging

The automotive industry is highly globalized. The thousands of components that are required to build a vehicle are never produced in one country. They are assembled after they have been exported from different manufacturing hubs that specialize in their production.

Needless to say, these complex supply-chain linkages require effective packaging solutions to protect the vehicle parts from incurring any damage during shipment. This is why the automotive industry solely accounts for more than 40% of the global industrial/ transport packaging. In Europe alone, thousands of campanies – the OEM and the first and second-tier suppliers – extensively rely on automotive packaging for moving their products around.

Zamko – Optimized Automotive Packaging

ZAMKO is a leading industrial packaging solution provider, specializing in automotive packaging. We create customized packaging and shipping solutions to help automotive businesses transport their high-value vehicle parts. From heavy engines to small mechanical components to fragile interior items, we help you to ship everything safely and economically.

We use a wide range of pallet boxes to provide ultimate protection to your automotive parts. The packaging material can either be plastic, steel, wood, or even carton, depending on the parts they carry. For instance, the packaging would be made of steel in case of heavy-weight parts, and plastic in case of more light-weight parts.

The internal fixtures in the pallet boxes ensure the safety of vehicle parts while transportation from one place to another. For instance, the pallet boxes have a customized insert, made of plastic or textile. A partition mechanism inside makes sure the parts don’t touch or scratch each other.

Hight-Quality & Interstackable Sleeve Boxes

Our twin sheet HDPE sleeve boxes are known for the high stiffness and sturdiness of both the pallet and the lid. They are also known for the high impact resistance of the sleeve. The sleeve comprises of high quality 3000gr/m2 Polypropylen (PP). We can also design heavier sleeve boxes on request.

A locking system on pallet and lid, logo imprinting, and also customizations are also possible on request.

Our pallet and lid weigh less but have high stiffness, all thanks to their well-engineered design and use of the best-in-class materials. This unique feature allows easier handling of the pallets during daily operation, while also ensuring a longer operational life.

In case you are looking to expand your current pool of sleeve boxes, we have you covered. Our sleeve boxes are inter-stackable with many other brands. If necessary, we can also adapt the mold of our boxes to allow them to stack easily on your current pool of sleeve boxes.

Customized Packaging & Inserts

Most parts are transported before assembly in a very careful manner. For each part a separate insert is designed, or customized packaging is designed.

For the design of the returnable pallet boxes and the inserts, sleeves and trays we have over 30 professional packaging designers available.
Some examples of what we make you can see below.

Break booster

Water Pump

Steering Knuckle

Connecting Rod

Head Light

Exhaust Manifold

Fuel Distributor

Glove Box

Wiper Arm

Cam Shaft

Valve Body

Sun Roof

Cylinder Block


Used Automotive Pallet Boxes, Reliable And Cheap

The pallet boxes, such as those carrying heavy automotive parts, get damaged due to their repeated use and movements, particularly by the use of forklifts. While the damages can sometimes be superficial, they can be pretty serious other times. Owing to this wear and tear, around 10% of automotive pallet boxes are replaced by new boxes every year.

Used pallet boxes provide a cheaper solution to this problem. In recent years, more and more manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive sector have opted to buy slightly used and repaired pallet boxes instead of new ones to replenish their packaging pool. After all, the pallet boxes can be used repeatedly as long as they are in a technically safe and reliable state. Due to the enormous price difference between new and used pallet boxes, this solution can save you a lot of money.

At ZAMKO, we provide used pallet boxes as a reliable and cheap solution for your automotive packaging needs. You can easily combine our used pallet boxes with new inserts. Sometimes it can be hard to buy the right type of used pallet boxes that can seamlessly fit your current pool of boxes. But that won’t be the case with us. We can supply our automotive pallet boxes in a steady and reliable way at very attractive prices.

Available Models

All models that we supply are foldable or collapsible. They can be folded in when empty so that they take up less space during storage and return transport.

Second hand we can offer the following models with the dimensions behind them:

Our most popular model is this newly-launched, high quality reusable pallet box (800x1200mm) with the most competitive price in the market!

Plastic Pallet Box – Eurobin 1210-Zamko B.V.
Second hand
Best Seller
SKU:PUG.b75.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – Eurobin 1210

Stackable:1+3Load capacity (kg):900
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Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200-Zamko B.V.
SKU:PUN.b75.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200

Stackable:1+5Load capacity (kg):900
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Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200-Zamko B.V.
Second hand
Best Seller
SKU:PCG.b80.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200

Stackable:1+3Load capacity (kg):500
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Poly-Hi-Pac used Pallet Box 800x1200xH1022mm-Zamko B.V.
Second hand
Best Seller
SKU:PHG.e100.FPlastic pallet boxes

Poly-Hi-Pac used Pallet Box 800x1200xH1022mm

Stackable:1+2Load capacity (kg):500
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Pooling Between Asia and Europe

And last but not least, we can provide our automotive customers with a fully outsourced pooling operation of returnable automotive packaging. We work together with a partner who is specialized in pooling between Asia and Europe. A network of around 100 service centers is already in place in countries like China, South-Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore.

No matter where in the world you want to transport your parts, ZAMKO will have your back as the best automotive packaging and shipping solution.

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Q&A About Automotive Packaging

Automotive packaging refers to the materials and containers used for packaging and transporting automotive components, parts, and accessories. It includes various packaging solutions designed to protect, store and ship automotive products efficiently and securely.

The primary objectives of automotive packaging are to ensure the protection of automotive parts during storage and transportation, optimize space utilization, facilitate efficient handling and logistics, prevent damage or contamination and meet industry-specific packaging standards and regulations.

Common packaging materials used in the automotive industry include corrugated boxes, foam inserts, plastic containers, pallets, stretch films, protective wraps, and dunnage materials like foam or air cushions. Each material serves a specific purpose in safeguarding automotive components.

Automotive packaging plays a vital role in supply chain efficiency by facilitating proper organization, easy identification, and seamless handling of automotive parts. Well-designed packaging solutions streamline the loading and unloading process, reduce product damage, and optimize space utilization, resulting in improved logistics operations.

When designing automotive packaging, factors such as part fragility, size, weight and sensitivity to environmental conditions must be considered. ZAMKO offers solution in order to cover wide range of industries standards and offer customization for specific components, recyclability and cost-effectiveness.

Sustainability in automotive packaging is achieved through the use of eco-friendly materials, implementing efficient packaging designs to reduce waste, promoting recycling and reuse and optimizing transportation to minimize carbon footprint. These practices contribute to overall sustainability goals in the automotive industry.

Packaging serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding automotive parts from impacts, vibration, moisture, dust and other potential hazards during transportation. It helps prevent scratches, dents, corrosion, and contamination, ensuring the parts arrive in optimal condition at their destination.

Yes, there are specific regulations and standards for automotive packaging. These standards, such as Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) guidelines or International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) protocols, provide guidance on packaging specifications, testing methods, labeling requirements, and overall packaging quality to ensure compliance and safety within the automotive supply chain.

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