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The e-Waste Industry has been a strategical partner over the years, which made us adapt the folding MP Pallet Cages for the need of the e-waste market. The MP Box is currently used for the collection and handling of e-Waste in a large part of the European recycling market. In order to improve the efficiency of the materials handling process, we have re-designed our Pallet Cage to adapt to the e-Waste supply chain.


A safer and faster process

Efficiency in unloading the e-Waste can be achieved with dumping its load safely by tilting the Pallet Cage with a forklift.

Manual (un-)loading can be speeded up by completely removing the front side of the box, still maintaining its stability when handling large LCD screen or similar. This is possible also when using the MP Pallet Cages in its double height (8 walls).


E-waste should be unloaded according to WEEELABEX standards. The MP Box for e-Waste provides two options for unloading matching the prescribed standards:

The new MP e-Waste Box is designed for directly tilting the load from the transport container into the sorting process, which has shown to be the most appropriate method of unloading for some types of e-Waste.

Manually (un-)loading
LCD screens and televisions should be handled carefully in order to avoid breaking during the process of dumping, what is available with the additional features of the e-Waste Box.

For loading or unloading items from the e-Waste Box, the complete front side of the WEEE Box can be removed and the box can be accessed by walking in and out. In that way items like (e.g. large LCD-screens) can be picked up easily, allowing the back to be straight, preventing back pains & injuries.

The MP WEEE Box makes the loading and unloading process faster, preventing back and neck injuries, additionally reducing the absence of employees.


The newest MP e-Waste Palletbox has been specifically developed to meet the logistical requirements and handling process requirements of e-Waste recyclers. In addition, the MP e-Waste Palletbox fully complies with the new requirements of the WEEELABEX regulations. The use of MP e-Pallet boxes gives you a certain advantage over your competitors who still use conventional pallet boxes.

Simplified Loading
The MP Box for e-Waste has a removable front side of the Pallet Box, which can be taken out during the collection process to make the stacking of large goods, like TV screens or computers easier into the MP Box.

In that way the consumers or employees can simply walk inside the MP Box, putting the item next to their feet on the pallet, with a straight back.

Long Lifetime, no maintenance
The MP Boxes have a long lifespan with a life cycle of >25 years and over 500 logistic movements. The quality of the product is supported by the fact that over the past decades already over 2.5 million have been sold.

With the provided 2mm thick galvanized steel rims the e-Waste Box proves durability when handling e-Waste. It is durable and modular construction requires simple and cheap repairs which can always be easily done on location.

Minimizing Costs of the Collection Process
The empty WEEE Boxes are foldable up to only 14% of its volume plus the pallet, so when transporting them to the various collecting points, transport costs can be minimized.

When filled with waste, the MP Box can be stacked 2-3 times the stacking height in a truck using the loading capacity wisely.


Adaptable to you requirements

A custom-made e-waste Pallet Cage can be provided according to needed specifications on demand. Additionally, customized dimensions combined with a range of options and accessories are also available.

Plastic Pallet Box – Eurobin 1210-Zamko B.V.
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SKU:PUG.b75.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – Eurobin 1210

Stackable:1+3Load capacity (kg):900
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Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200-Zamko B.V.
SKU:PUN.b75.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200

Stackable:1+5Load capacity (kg):900
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Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200-Zamko B.V.
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SKU:PCG.b80.FPlastic pallet boxes

Plastic Pallet Box – 1000×1200

Stackable:1+3Load capacity (kg):500
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Poly-Hi-Pac used Pallet Box 800x1200xH1022mm-Zamko B.V.
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SKU:PHG.e100.FPlastic pallet boxes

Poly-Hi-Pac used Pallet Box 800x1200xH1022mm

Stackable:1+2Load capacity (kg):500
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Within the latest innovation in design, the 4 or 8 pallet walls of the MP e-Waste Box are fixated to the pallet edge with a mechanism securing the connection 100% also when removing the front side or when the box is tilted over. The two bench hooks on each wall make the walls detached or loosened by releasing it. The achievement in design of the loose-pallet-wall-system are a series of pins on the bottom-side of the pallet walls that fit into the pallet’s top deck, providing a level of stability higher than ever before.

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Q&A About E-Waste recycling

E-Waste recycling pallet boxes are specialized containers used for collecting, storing, and transporting electronic waste materials for recycling purposes. These boxes are designed to safely hold and transport E-Waste items such as computers, printers, televisions, and other electronic devices.

Using E-Waste recycling pallet boxes offers several benefits. They provide a dedicated and secure container for collecting E-Waste, preventing potential contamination and damage to surrounding areas. The boxes are designed to withstand the weight and dimensions of electronic devices, ensuring safe transportation. Additionally, they promote efficient handling and organization of E-Waste during the recycling process.

E-Waste recycling pallet boxes are specifically designed and constructed to meet the unique requirements of handling electronic waste. They often feature additional protective measures such as foam inserts, dividers, or cushioning materials to prevent damage during transit. These boxes may also have specific labeling or color-coding to distinguish them from regular pallet boxes.

Yes, E-Waste recycling pallet boxes can be customized to meet specific needs. They can be tailored in terms of size, design, and features to accommodate different types of electronic devices and optimize storage and transportation efficiency. Customizations may include partitioning options, removable lids, or branding with recycling instructions and safety information.

Yes, E-Waste recycling pallet boxes are designed for reuse. They are typically made from durable materials such as plastic or metal, which can withstand multiple recycling cycles. After the E-Waste is collected and processed, the empty pallet boxes can be cleaned and used again for future E-Waste recycling efforts.

The recyclability of E-Waste recycling pallet boxes depends on the materials used in their construction. Many pallet boxes are made from recyclable materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), which can be recycled after their useful life. It’s important to check the recycling capabilities of the specific materials used in the pallet boxes and follow local recycling guidelines.

After use, E-Waste recycling pallet boxes should be properly cleaned to remove any residue or contaminants. If the boxes are damaged beyond repair, they should be recycled in accordance with local recycling programs. If the pallet boxes are still in good condition, they can be reused for future E-Waste recycling operations or repurposed for other storage or transportation needs.

E-Waste recycling pallet boxes can be obtained from specialized packaging suppliers or companies that offer E-Waste recycling services. ZAMKO team can provide a range of options and help you select the right pallet boxes based on your specific requirements.

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