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Global Pooling Solutions

Many companies manage large logistic operations with their customers and/or suppliers in Asia, Europe or North- & South America.

Frequently in these logistic operations one-way packaging is used. Even when it’s the more expensive option, changing to returnable packaging can be difficult because for this, a new operation needs to be set up and also managed. This is not easily done, and also it’s no core business.

So why not outsource this return process and just take the profit of using returnable packaging?

Our Pooling Services

With our global pooling service we offer our clients a fully outsourced service, in which we supply reusable packaging (or use your reusable packaging) on the multiple locations where needed. A fee is paid for each cycle the boxes are used.

Behind the screens we arrange for local pick-up, cleaning, repair and return transport of the packaging which has been send out. All to be monitored within a sophisticated computer tool.

For your organisation this pooling process will be comparable with your current operation; you get your packaging just-in-time when you need it. We can even unfold the boxes for you, ready-to-use!
No hassle of returning, cleaning, repairing etc.

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Why pooling solutions?

No investments

Decreasing the costs of buying new pallets and containers.

Save money

You save money, as the fee per trip will be much lower than the price you currently pay for your one-way packaging.

No additional costs

No additional costs connected with the administration of the pooling system.

Natural environment

Preservation of the natural environment. No packaging waste is any longer disposed of at point of destination.

No more stocked warehouses.

No more stocked warehouses.

No worries

No worries, as everything is outsourced to a experienced specialist. Standardization and safety in service of the containers.

For Whom?

Examples of companies which could benefit from our pooling services:

Automotive companies

  • importing electrical car batteries from South Korea and China to Europe and USA
  • car parts distribution
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Companies with cold chain logistics

  • fresh & frozen food exporters (Europe <–> Americas)
  • meat, fish & sea food exporting companies (Europe <–> Asia)
  • pharmaceutical companies
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Rubber Industry

  • Medium and large enterprises trading in various types of tires
  • Different types of rubber products used in different fields
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Production companies

  • We provide individual solutions for a wide range of production industries
  • No specific requirements for the type, size and quantity of the products
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For the pooling services we partner with a company offering pooling reusable packaging to large international companies now for 20 years.

With a current network of around 100 service centres and many distribution centres all over the world, we can service quite large projects for multinational clients.

At this moment the locations are mainly within China, in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam) and in Europe. We can however start projects worldwide.

What To Do?

When you are interested, please give us a call or send us an email.
We will have some short questions in order to be able to give you an initial quotation for your project.

From there we can go more in detail. In a next phase we could set up a trial project.

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Q&A About Pooling Solution

In the packaging industry, a pooling solution refers to a system where reusable packaging items, such as pallets, containers, or crates, are shared among multiple companies or stakeholders to optimize logistics and reduce waste.

Some benefits of using a pooling solution in the packaging industry include cost savings through reduced packaging waste, improved supply chain efficiency, reduced environmental impact, simplified logistics, and increased product protection.

In a pooling solution, companies rent or lease reusable packaging items from a pooling service provider. These items are tracked throughout the supply chain, and when they are no longer needed, they are returned to the pooling provider for inspection, cleaning, and redistribution.

Packaging items commonly included in a pooling solution are pallets, crates, containers, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and other reusable packaging materials that are suitable for multiple use cycles.

ZAMKO is established processes for inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining the cleanliness and quality of our packaging items. This involve washing, sterilization, repair, and quality checks before redistributing the items to you.

Yes, pooling solutions can often be tailored to meet the specific requirements of companies. This may include customization of packaging item types, quantities, delivery schedules, and other logistics considerations.

By using reusable packaging items, pooling solutions help reduce packaging waste, minimize the consumption of resources required for manufacturing disposable packaging, and lower carbon emissions associated with packaging production and disposal.

When selecting a pooling solution provider, factors such as reliability, track record, service coverage, pricing structure, quality assurance measures, customer support, and the provider’s commitment to sustainability should be taken into account. ZAMKO offers all this and many more to help your industry process goes smooth and continue to grow.

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