How This Pallet Box Offer Can Change Your Competitive Power? - Zamko B.V.

How This Pallet Box Offer Can Change Your Competitive Power?

How This Pallet Box Offer Can Change Your Competitive Power? - Zamko B.V.

Never Waist a Good Crisis  (with a little help from a unique pallet box)

The economic crisis that has hit Europe and the world has made the raw materials needed to manufacture every single pallet box required for logistics packaging of companies more expensive than ever. Next to plastic pallet boxes, even wooden, steel and carton packaging became much more expensive.

This is the best time for companies who want to stay ahead of their competition; by actively seeking and seizing opportunities.

One thing is clear: all companies suffer the same. This means opportunities for those who dare to do things different from their competitors. Think out of the box, searching for opportunities.

ZAMKO can offer a one-time possibility to create your own pool of high quality, reusable plastic pallet boxes for a price which is normally unthinkable. Even when you need very large quantities (1000+ and much more) we can offer them against our discounted price.

Save Money

Whether you are a company owner, logistic manager or purchasing officer, the opportunity we have found for you is the possibility to buy pallet boxes on a large scale for a highly discounted price, where this normally is not possible.

Used pallet boxes, in checked an excellent condition, are mostly offered in smaller quantities —  max а few hundreds. Not interesting for larger companies who are facing major investments when renewing their reusable packaging pool.

The POLY-HI-PAC foldable pallet box is now available  —  also in very large quantities. The box has been developed with a unique design concept, where the walls and lid are one part.


With a high load capacity of 500 kg together with a stacking capacity of 1 + 2, this pallet box meets the high demands of most industries, including automotive.

Compared to its competitors, this pallet box has some advantages that cannot be overseen:

  • with only 45 kg its weight is less than its competitors;
  • time to build & fold it are the fasted in the market, due to their unique construction;
  • it has one of the best full-folded ratios. Being 1022 mm erected and only 330 mm folded, it gives the best transport price for returnable packaging and the most economical price for empty storage in your warehouse;
  • now available on a price with more than 50% discount.

Seize Your Opportunity

We have the Poly-Hi-Pac foldable pallet box available for you second hand and in excellent condition. They have all been checked, fully functional and ready to use.

It is very rare and normally even impossible to get quantities larger than 300-400 pieces of used pallet boxes. ZAMKO, however, can supply you with the unique Poly-Hi-Pac, in superb condition, in quantities of 1,000 and even far more.

First Come —   First Go

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Loading Capacity DYNAMIC (kg): 500.

Stacking (Static): 1+2.

Stacking (Dynamic): 1+1.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100.

Condition: second hand.

Wall thickness (mm): 20.

Folding window: yes.

Mouse Tight: no.

Lid: included.

Length: 1200.

Width: 800.

Wall type: closed.

Product consists of: walls, pallet & lid.

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If you’re wondering where to buy pallet boxes, you’ve come to the right place! ZAMKO is a specialist supplier of new and used pallet boxes. Based in The Netherlands, we can deliver high quality boxes on a just in time basis throughout Europe.

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