Why is Green Logistics a profitable marketing strategy? - Zamko B.V.

Why is Green Logistics a profitable marketing strategy?

Why is Green Logistics a profitable marketing strategy? - Zamko B.V.

What is “Green Logistics”?

Green Logistics protects the environment and reduces pollution. For this purpose it uses the most effective available resources and the latest innovations in technology for transportation, packaging, storage, maintenance of goods and products.  

Green logistics is also a successful marketing strategy that leads to a full flow of goods between a manufacturer/distributor and customer.

The most important components of Green Logistics are packaging, transportation, distribution and warehousing.  

Consumption of resources in packaging – a major source of solid waste

Each product that reaches its end customer is packaged – often several times. There are different types of packaging. When there is direct contact with the product it is called internal packaging.  

A distinction must be made between the internal packaging of products and their packaging for transport – logistical packaging. There are different types of transport (logistics) containers. Basically, they can be reduced to 4 types, depending on the material from which they are made: wood, cardboard, metal and plastic.

Both types of packaging – internal and transport packaging – consume a significant amount of resources. And this leads to a lot of solid waste. 1/3 of the total share of solid waste worldwide falls on packaging. As packaging in the food industry (disposable packaging) is responsible for nearly half of this solid waste.

EU and measures to reduce solid packaging waste

EU data show that packaging waste generated was estimated at 174.1 kg per inhabitant (lowest for Croatia: 67.8 kg per inhabitant; highest for Germany: 227.5 kg per inhabitant).

Reducing pollution from packaging (internal and logistical) is one of the EU’s priorities. In 1994, the Packaging Waste Directive was adopted aimed at harmonizing the national legislation of the EU member states concerning the management of packaging and packaging waste. Priority these measures are aimed at building fundamental principles related to reusing packaging, recycling; and realizing other forms of recovering packaging waste.

Reusable packaging – the key element of the green logistic supply chain

The most effective method for reducing pollution (and losses) in the logistics of goods and products with transport containers is reusable packaging.

What exactly does reusable/returnable packaging mean?

Maximum durable (made of strong materials), technology advanced transport containers designed for long life and multiple use.

The containers are environmentally friendly, quick and easy to recycle.

The maximum extended life of the containers reduces pollution (not wasting resources on producing new ones) and significantly reduces companies’ costs. A closed and self-sufficient supply chain is created between the producer (supplier) and the customer. With between 100 and roughly 500 rotations, the service life of such packaging ranges from 3 years to as much as 25 years and more. End of life, the packaging is returned to the supplier and recycled into new packaging.

Custom made plastic pallet boxes

Depending on the industry and the specifications of the products  they will carry, the containers can also be made of metal and wood. But in most cases, folding plastic containers are used for reusable packaging. In addition to being extremely strong and durable, these plastic pallet boxes take up little space on the way back in the vehicle, which reduces companies’ costs. And besides, they are subject to custom design for almost every element. You can order them with a front window, with internal temperature regulation for cold chain packaging, with a lid or without, locking system etc. The advanced design of plastic sleeve pack containers significantly increases the security of products and goods, both during transport and storage in a warehouses. That’s why…

Green logistic is a profitable marketing strategy

Green logistics is already a leading trend for almost all countries and companies. The contribution of government agencies in green logistics is in the creation of appropriate legislation oriented towards environmental protection and the creation of favorable  conditions for companies to implement “green” marketing strategies.

Logistics managers of companies should look for the best eco-solutions for the transportation of their goods and products. There are already companies like ZAMKO that offer custom reusable packaging solutions to their customers. These may include the use of custom plastic sleeve boxes – fully customized and further optimized for the load specification of the goods transported.

ZAMKO provides whole transportation, including return transportation for the containers, as well as their maintenance and repair. The reusability of the containers is guaranteed by the durable material from which they are made. 100% detachable walls, lids and palets provide minimal space for the return travel of sleeve pack containers to the company. For reloading with goods and to start the new supply cycle.

How easy it is to switch to reusable packaging? You can ask an independent specialist of collapsible pallet boxes from ZAMKO. You will receive all the answers. As well as an accurate account of the costs to switch to reusable packaging.


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