How to choose the type of logistic packaging for your business? - Zamko B.V.

How to choose the type of logistic packaging for your business?

How to choose the type of logistic packaging for your business? - Zamko B.V.

Choose the logistic packaging according to your goods & products

Logistic packaging is a fundamental factor in the development of any business. Nowadays, the ability of your products to reach the end user in the fastest and safest way can win the “war” with the competition. That’s why the logistic solutions of each company must keep pace with the latest innovations, trends and strategies in pallet packaging. An ancient Chinese proverb says:When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”…

The choice of logistic packaging should be based on the characteristics of the goods/products to be transported or stored. Now manufacturers have the ability to make pallet boxes and containers that are customized according to the individual needs of the customer, and related to the type of goods to be transported or stored. Whether it are wooden, metal, cardboard or plastic pallet boxes, you can order a product that best meets your requirements down to the smallest detail. Pallet packaging customization has revolutionized the business. This process has reached the most serious development in the design of plastic pallet boxes. The variety is huge, and you could order a pallet box or container to cover your most specific requirements. Folding plastic pallet boxes are the perfect choice for reusable packaging. This is a strategy that reduces the losses at every stage of the logistics process – warehousing, loading, transportation, unloading, return-transport. Plastic pallet boxes and reusable packaging are topics on which we have some very good blog articles. For that reason we will now present you in more detailed picture customization options offered for wooden and steel pallet boxes.

Custom Wooden pallets  

The reasons why companies from different industries ordering custom pallets are related to a new project with specific requirements. Companies often need containers with the ability to take a larger volume of cargo during transportation or storage. And the question that arises is: Are wooden containers strong enough? The answer is: YES! Custom made wooden containers are a good and innovative solution to specific supply chain problems. Excellent opportunity to take individual and unusual orders without worries. Of course, business owners cannot be such narrow specialists in pallet and logistic packaging. Therefore, we will try being useful with some tips on the features to pay attention to, when ordering customized wooden pallet boxes.

What to look for when ordering custom wooden pallets?

  1. What are the main characteristics of the product for transportation?

The answer to this question largely determines which pallet box to order. Whether the box or container is solid-walled or has more vents for products, for example. This leads to the second very important factor in determining the design…

  1. What will you use the logistics packaging for?

You need wooden pallet boxes to transport products or goods. Pallet boxes will be used for storage. Transportation will be by truck(s) over short distances. You need a pallet boxes with a design for transporting huge distances by sea or air … The task determines the solution.

  1. What is the final price of custom wooden packaging?

It is no coincidence that we have introduced “final” before “price” in this question. In fact, the price of customized pallet boxes made of wood does not need to differ from that of standard ones. At the same time, thanks to the modifications made – you will save money.

You will save money because of:

  • less damages to your products or goods during transport or storage;
  • need of less pallet boxes needed, because boxes are optimizxed for your goods.
  • less transport cost because boxes are optimized not only for your goods but also for the trucks you use. Transporting less air means saving on transport cost.
  1. What are the biggest benefits of the wooden pallet packaging

Wooden pallet boxes have stability and strength and can be used repeatedly. And that means you get the ability to move to the most profitable logistic strategy – Reusable Packaging.

Steel pallet boxes for logistic packaging

Steel pallet boxes, containers, roll containers, mesh containers, collapsible metal containers, steel racks – they all have one thing in common: exceptional strength and the ability to take heavy loads.  The possibility for custom improvements contributes to the great security of goods and products during transportation and storage. Security in the supply chain means more peace of mind for factory owners, warehouse owners, distributors.

What are the biggest advantages of (custom) steel packaging for your business?

  1. Security for your goods during transportation and storage, as well as the possibility of reusable packaging.

The specificity of the raw material from which steel pallet boxes and containers are made determines their greatest advantages. The high security of the transported/stored products is provided by the strong and solid structure. The exceptional durability of steel will save you money from ordering new non-steel pallet boxes: such as cardboard or wood, for example. Steel containers have a long life and are fundamental to a successful reusable packaging strategy. This is an environmentally friendly strategy that will limit your losses.

  1. Cut transport costs and achieve higher efficiency

The modified design of the pallet boxes will save you money by using all possible space in the vehicle. This will improve your efficiency because you will place more boxes (more goods) in the same space. If you have ordered folding pallet boxes, this will minimize your fuel consumption and the number of vehicles used in back transport. And less fuel used also means less damage to the environment.

How can ZAMKO help you make the right choice of pallet boxes for your business?

ZAMKO is a leading company in the business of collapsible pallet boxes. The specialists of the company approach each client project  individually. Their goal is to offer the optimal logistic packaging for each specific project. All aspects are taken into account, every detail, even the most insignificant at first glance. Working in full collaboration with the client to reach the most productive solution.

Determining the appropriate pallet boxes or containers for the implementation of the project is only one part of the cooperation. ZAMKO will be your reliable partner at every stage of the project. A steady and reliable delivery of pallet boxes to any part of the world where needed can be extremely important for your production process to keep running. Or returning the pallet boxes back to the  company’s base (if you rented them or for repairs) – the transport can be fully arranged for by ZAMKO.

ZAMKO’s clients are small, medium and large businesses from a wide range of industries. Among ZAMKO’s clients are reputable names of companies such as: Philips, Duracell, Knorr-Bremse, ITW, Liebherr, Osram, and many others.

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