Which industries are using the Reusable Packaging strategy more and more? - Zamko B.V.

Which industries are using the Reusable Packaging strategy more and more?

Which industries are using the Reusable Packaging strategy more and more? - Zamko B.V.

Industries that use or are suitable for Reusable Packaging (RP) strategy:

The Reusable Packaging strategy is a priority for more and more companies around the world. Many countries are taking legislative action to facilitate and stimulate its implementation. As a result, the industries that use it are already in the majority.

  • Automotive (OEM & Suppliers)
  • Construction Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Landscaping & Green Maintenance
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Transport, Warehousing & Logistics
  • Recycling Industry
  • Event- & Trade Fair organisations
  • Retail Distribution
  • DIY Shop Retail

How can you beat the competition with a reusable packaging strategy?

Let’s first explain what exactly is reusable or returnable packaging. This is packaging that uses durable reusable containers/boxes. These can be plastic (in most cases) or steel, containers with extended life (and customized design). Wooden and cardboard containers are less commonly used. The basic slogan of reusable packaging is: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Returnable packaging is a major logistics trend and a leading marketing strategy for a large number of industries. It protects the environment and drastically reduces the costs of companies related to logistics processes in the supply chain.

What are the main advantages of reusable packaging strategy?

  1. Environmentally friendly strategy

Reduction of solid waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The extended life of pallet containers/boxes and their repeated use (between 100 and 500 rotations) eliminates the need for the production of new containers.

This leads to reduce solid waste by up to 86%, reduces energy used by 64% and CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions by up to 60%.

If you use reusable folding pallet containers, they take up significantly less space on the way back than solid containers. If the delivery was large, this means that instead of 3 or 4 vehicles for the return of empty containers, you could do the job with only 1. Fuel is saved and, accordingly, the carbon emissions emitted into the air are many times less.

The transition to reusable packaging reduces the production of disposable cardboard containers and boxes.

1/3 of the total share of solid waste worldwide falls on packaging. As packaging in the food industry (disposable packaging) is responsible for nearly half of this solid waste.

2.Cost-effective strategy

Reusable packaging reduces companies’ costs at every stage of the logistics process related to supply chain. The product-optimized design improves the stacking efficiency of pallet boxes and containers, both during transport (full and empty) and during storage. This leads to more efficient use of space, both in vehicles and in warehouses. Also their stronger construction guarantees greater security for the goods and products, again during transportation and in the storage. This means the maximum reduction of companies’ losses from damaged goods and products in their logistics to the end user.

The extended life of pallet containers for reusable packaging reduces the cost of purchasing containers for one-time use.

Thanks to their better and strong design, pallet containers are safer for warehousing and logistics employees. There are no injuries to employees from protruding edges, nails, torn surfaces, unstable containers, etc. Which means less medical (and court) costs.

Designed to facilitate loading and unloading activities, this saves time on all logistics operations, both mechanical and manual.

Reusable packaging and Automotive industry

One of the best examples of the use of the reusable packaging strategy is related to the Automotive industry. Automotive OEMs are pioneers in the use of reusable/returnable packaging. Major automakers have long used specialized custom containers to deliver components and parts from suppliers to their factories. Custom pallet containers and boxes are loaded with parts so that they are delivered directly to the production lines, with ready-to-assemble parts. In this way, the old cardboard pallet containers for one-time use were forgotten. And the Automotive industry saves money by not ordering huge quantities of carton containers, as well as a lot of time by disposing of them after use. This, of course, significantly reduces damage to the environment.

RP specialists from ZAMKO

There are many examples of the successful implementation of returnable packaging in various businesses. If you want to find out how you can switch to reusable packaging in the fastest way, ZAMKO experts will be happy to help you. They will prepare together with you an action plan optimized to the smallest detail. And when their RP specialists get acquainted with your business – they will offer you the most suitable pallet containers, whether for purchase, rent or lease. If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.


Reusable Packaging Association

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