What are the benefits of renting logistics resources? - Zamko B.V.

What are the benefits of renting logistics resources?

What are the benefits of renting logistics resources? - Zamko B.V.

Buying or renting logistics resources?

Buying or renting logistics resources – that is the question… The Covid-19 pandemic has made the global market unpredictable. Possible situations change very quickly and even those most familiar with Gambling and Information Theory find it difficult to predict the development of markets today. At one point the orders stop, and the next in a few days they reach incredible quantities. We have clients who have received orders up to 400-500% more than usual in 24 hours. This, of course, puts enormous pressure on the supply chain of any company. How could logistics managers cope with such pressure?

  1. Providing additional storage space and purchasing logistics products

Yes – it`s an option. But it is associated with high costs and unpredictability. You have to wait weeks for the new pallets, pallet boxes, containers, racks, etc. to be delivered to you. Still, it is not entirely certain the deadline will be met. And requests do not wait – they must be executed on time…

Is there a better solution?

  1. Rent the logistics products you need

A wave of new orders is pouring in. You have provide additional storage space for a certain period. It is impractical to buy new logistics equipment. You just want to rent it. Zamko can help you. We have wide range of pallet boxes, containers, racks etc. including: wooden pallet boxes, folding plastic containers, steel containers, metal racks and others to rent for a certain period.

What are the biggest benefits of renting logistics resources?

  1. You save a lot of money

When it comes to temporary projects limited to a certain period of time, the best option is to rent the logistics products you need. In this case, you will only pay for the time you have rented the logistics resources. You will avoid extra storage costs when you don’t need extra products. You will be able to calculate the costs very accurately because you will be aware of all the variables. And this will give you the opportunity to prepare the best possible offer to suggest to your customer.

  1. Save time

Time is money. If you rent the logistics resources, you will not wait for an unknown amount of time for the arrival of the new pallet boxes, containers, etc. Zamko has bases and warehouses all over Europe and will deliver the logistics equipment you need very quickly. Renting for a certain period will be much cheaper than buying new logistics products. 

And after the completion of the project you will not have to invest money for additional storage space, where you can store your unnecessary logistics equipment. Instead, Zamko will collect rented racks, pallet boxes and containers. This will save you extra money and time. The transport of the rented logistics products from and to the bases and warehouses of the company is entirely covered by Zamko. This will allow you to focus entirely on order fulfillment and the efficiency of your supply chain.

3. Great choice and flexibility

The “rent” option for logistics products immediately expands your choices. Instead of buying a single type of pallet box, which after the order may never be used again, consider the option of renting. Zamko.eu offers you a wide range of pallet boxes for rent. Including folding pallet boxes, wooden pallet boxes, plastic pallet boxes, steel containers, steel racks, gitterboxes and many more. If the order you have is for the distribution of a specific product or goods, you will need a custom pallet box to meet the relevant requirements. This will provide maximum security for products and goods for transportation or storage. Which will logically lead to fewer losses associated with these two stages from distribution to the end customer.

Bonus: In addition to a large selection of logistics products for rent, Zamko also has large quantities of them. You will be able to order as much as you need at any time.

What are the most rented logistics products?

1. Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes come in all shapes, sizes and types. The most preferred by our customers are:

  • Plastic Budget 800×1200


  • Plastic budget 1000×1200


  • Small plastic containers 600x400mm

2. Steel 1000×1200 mesh cage


3. Carton heavy load 800×1200


4. Plywood boxes


5. Steel racks and gitterboxes


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