What are the top 5 customer questions about Plastic Pallet Boxes (PPB)? - Zamko B.V.

What are the top 5 customer questions about Plastic Pallet Boxes (PPB)?

What are the top 5 customer questions about Plastic Pallet Boxes (PPB)? - Zamko B.V.

Plastic pallet boxes and other logistics packaging products

In the last few years, plastic pallet boxes have established themselves as a preferred logistics choice for many companies in the Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Electronics and other industries. The Covid-19 pandemic has only confirmed this trend. Therefore, the most normal thing is to ask yourself questions like: “Why plastic and not wooden or cardboard pallet boxes?”. Or: “Are PPB eco-friendly?”. “Can we order custom-made boxes for logistics packaging?” “How long do plastic pallet boxes last?” Etc.

In this article, we decided to answer the 5 most frequently asked questions from our customers in recent years related to Plastic Pallet Boxes.

1. What are the main advantages of plastic pallet boxes?

Until 10 years ago, cardboard and wooden pallet boxes still dominated the market and were preferred by logistics managers. But “the pancake turned.” Plastic pallet boxes are now the preferred alternative due to their much more serious durability, security and versatility.

The benefits that have made PPBs a preferred logistics product:

  • Reusable and high durability. The average lifespan of a plastic pallet box is between 8 and 10 years (max 25 and more). During this time you can do an average of 250 courses (rotations) with it. This means a lot of money saved from pallet boxes with a much shorter lifespan (like cardboard and wood, for example).
  • PPB are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This highly durable plastic makes them up to 10 times more durable than wood.
  • Plastic pallet boxes are suitable for all loads – from food, fruits and vegetables, through loose products, to products that need cold-chain packaging or special transport conditions. PPB come in all sizes and types. You can order custom-made, folding, stacking, etc. This will save you a lot of space, both during transportation in the vehicle or in the warehouse.
  • PPB withstand any weather and are waterproof. They can be stored without any problems in refrigerators. Add the possibility of thermoregulation of freight and the transport of liquid loads. All this makes them the ideal choice for companies from industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and others who need cold chain packaging (including transportation of vaccines).
  • Plastic containers are extremely easy to handle – loading, unloading, removing all walls (if folding). Up to 6 level can be stacked vertically (each with a load up to 900 kg) without any danger for your warehouse staff. This saves time and space.
  • Boxes are very easy to clean. Durable high-density polyethylene is the ideal hygienic environment for your loads. With folding boxes, each wall is detachable, which makes it as easy as possible to access and clean.

2. Are plastic pallet boxes environmentally friendly?

Definitely yes! And in many ways. Plastic pallet boxes are made of 100% recycled polypropylene. Their construction does not require the felling of trees or the use of serious capacities with outgoing harmful emissions. 

After use, they are completely recycled to become new PPB or other plastic products. Their strength and reusability make them particularly suitable for green logistics purposes.

3. In what sizes and dimensions are the plastic pallet boxes available? How many boxes can fit in one truck?

We have already mentioned that plastic pallet boxes come in all sizes and types. The most common and best-selling are the boxes with dimensions: 1200x1000mm (up to 900 kg), 1200x800mm (up to 600 kg). Depending on the load and the customer’s needs, the boxes can be foldable or solid.

Box pallets 1227x1027x965mm, 208 pieces fit in a standard truck, i.e. 8 pieces on a pallet (assuming 33 places in a standard trailer).

Pallet size 800×120 fit 32/33 in a truck.
Pallet size 100×120 fit 26 in a truck.
Height varies
In a standard truck (Tautliner) – between 6 high in a stack (Magnum Classic, Magnum Optimum) to 8 (Eurobin).
In a Jumbo or Megatrailer (300cm internal height) – between 8 (Magnum) to 10 (Eurobin). And KTP even 12 in a Jumbo/Mega trailer H300cm.

Folding and stacking PPB provide great opportunities for warehouse managers to optimize space. Even heavier, high-capacity plastic containers can easily be positioned vertically in the warehouse space. Or if there are containers that are not used, they can be folded to a significantly smaller size to free up extra space.

4. Which pallet boxes are the better choice: folding or solid?

The answer cannot be definite, because the two types of boxes serve different purposes. And yet, although a little more expensive, folding plastic pallet boxes will pay you back because they will save you money and reduce your costs in many ways. And at a time when the fuel price crisis is in full swing and its end is not in sight – this is a major advantage. Folding containers save space in both phases of transport. They will drastically reduce your fuel consumption on back transport, especially if it is a larger order. Instead of several trucks, you will be able to get your boxes back with just one. Folding pallet boxes will optimize your space in the warehouse as well.

Solid plastic pallet boxes are the ideal choice for larger and heavier loads, and if you have a large enough storage space. Also they are used in the food industry (for fish, meat, etc.) where no liquids may go outside of the box. Their side walls and bottom are closed, and only the upper part (without lid) is exposed. They are extremely durable and are made of material that is resistant to scratches and cracks. Solid PPB offer maximum security during transportation and have a relatively low weight without load. They are especially suitable for food, recycling, automotive, construction, military industries.

5. Which is the best choice: new, second-hand or renting pallet boxes?

It all depends on the moment and the orders you have to fulfill. We live in a time of global pandemic and economic crisis. That’s why every cost savings matters.

If the project you are going to work on is short-lived or requires the use of specialized pallet boxes (such as thermoregulation and cold-chain packaging), our advice is to rent pallet boxes.

If you have a limited budget and want to cut costs – folding plastic pallet boxes second-hand are the perfect choice for you. They are perfectly suitable for reusable packaging. The discount from their price compared to the new ones can reach 50%.

ZAMKO is an independent specialist of foldable pallet boxes, and our experts are at your disposal to discuss and choose the best solution for your business.

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