Why do companies prefer plastic pallet boxes over other types? - Zamko B.V.

Why do companies prefer plastic pallet boxes over other types?

Why do companies prefer plastic pallet boxes over other types? - Zamko B.V.

Why do companies prefer plastic pallet boxes (PPB)?

In this article we will answer the question: “Why do companies prefer plastic pallet boxes” for transportation of goods.

For every company, profit is the number one priority. Immediately after that, especially in the context of the global economic crisis, comes cost reduction.

Plastic pallet boxes are the best solution in the field of transport and logistics. They are efficient, safe and economical. In short: plastic pallet boxes have a larger capacity, they are stronger, easier to maintain and end up being much cheaper for companies than wooden, carton or metal containers.

PPB (bulk containers or container bins) are specially designed for the safe transport of both raw materials and goods. They are suitable for every stage of the supply chain. They carry goods by land, air and sea. With them, the losses of the companies during the transportation of their components to the factory or their goods to the shop window are limited to the absolute minimum.

What are the 3 main reasons why companies prefer plastic pallet boxes?


1.Reusable Plastic Pallet Boxеs

Returnable packaging is the perfect closed (full circle) transport and logistics system. The main advantages of this system are the reduced costs and maximum utilization of the existing resource.

The building block of the system is the collapsible pallet container. Once the goods or products that have been transported with it arrive at their final destination, the folding containers are quickly and easily stored in a smaller cargo space. To be returned back to the beginning of this supply chain. Ready to transport another valuable cargo for their company.

Return Rate – this is the ratio of the number of collapsed containers that can be shipped in the space of one upright container. Higher ratio = lower transportation costs for the company.


2.Plastic pallet boxes come in all shapes and sizes

Folding plastic shipping containers are the “tip of the ice cream” among the models. With this container, companies save a lot of money. The ability to fold and take up significantly less space on the way back makes it a favorite.

Plastic containers also are stackable. They line up quickly and save time and space.

Another big plus is the maximum easy access to the inside of the box. Thanks to the detachable walls and open top, their maintenance is surprisingly quick and easy.

Plastic pallet boxes have a large load capacity – somewhere between 500 and 900 kg depending on the model. For instance: 500kg is PAG.e75. Or 900 kg is PUN.b75.F.

PPB’s are produced in various models. Depending on your needs, the size of the warehouse or the type of goods – you could use a one-piece pallet box or a folding pallet box. You can order a pallet box on wheels or skids. With or without folding window. Specialized containers for Cold chain packaging (for Covid-19 vaccine, for example) are also produced.

Because of all this, plastic pallet boxes are the optimal solution for a large number of industries. With their help, companies daily transport food, fruits, vegetables, various parts for the automotive-, electronic- and chemical industries, and much more.

3.Plastic Pallet Box – the undisputed champion in the “Indestructible Box” competition

 Disturbed delivery schedule. Damaged goods reach the end customer. And all this because of the unsatisfactory quality of the pallet containers with which your goods are transported. Every year, companies suffer serious losses from such problems. The losses are both financial and image. The good name of the company is at stake. What would you do?

Let’s take a look at the rubric “How did they do it?” Plastic pallet boxes are created under very high pressure and in polished form. The containers are made of very strong polyethylene and polypropylene. Their durability is achieved by the unique HDPE material, which is designed for long life. All this guarantees the safety of the goods and products transported in these containers. They last much longer than the wooden containers. Even when stacked on top of each other in the warehouse, they can easily support large loads of 500-900 kg. completely stable and safe. Safety for the goods and safety for the employees in the warehouse. The company’s good name is also safe …!

Pallet boxes for rent

In the dynamics of today’s business is the rapid change of goals and ways to achieve them. You do not need to buy pallet boxes to transport your goods and products to the customer. You can rent them. This will save you money on storage costs and pallet box maintenance almost immediately. A good and flexible solution that Zamko.eu offers to its customers.

Of course, if you want to buy new pallet boxes or second-hand pallet boxes, Zamko has large quantities of both options.

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