Why UNI-PAK by Dukaplast is the "universal warrior" of the Sleeve Pack Shipping System? - Zamko B.V.

Why UNI-PAK by Dukaplast is the “universal warrior” of the Sleeve Pack Shipping System?

Why UNI-PAK by Dukaplast is the “universal warrior” of the Sleeve Pack Shipping System? - Zamko B.V.

Uni-pak by Ducaplast: twin sheet sleeve pack 1000×1200

The UNI-PAK by Dukaplast is a sleeve pack folding container with folding window on the long side. 1000x1200mm is the base size and it`s available in heights between 40cm and 155cm. Extremely mobile and ergonomic, it only takes one person and less than a minute to assemble.
And don’t forget: a load capacity of 500kg!

What are the main advantages of Twin sheet sleeve pack 1000×1200 (Uni-pak by Ducaplast)?

Since its introduction, Twin sheet sleeve pack containers (UNI-PAK) have been known for their durability. The corrugated sleeve is designed for long life.


The Conpearl walls are made of double-sided laminated sandwich panels (10mm) with cellular structure. Produced by Triplex GmbH. And the loads in this box remain stable and secure all the way on land, air or water. It also has a twin-sheet thermoformed plastic top and pallet with four way entry. This is a great advantage that makes both handling and also cleaning & maintenance as easy as possible.

The Uni-Pak sleeve pack system is among the best ever created. According to the expert assessment, the pallets and tops of Uni-Pak have ten-year life. Cost effective and returnable. The perfect “green” solution for business. And after the end of its long service life, it is easily recycled. Environmentally friendly.

Uni-Pak containers can be reused hundreds of times (proven). This reduces waste and disposal costs. From an economic point of view, this is like a revelation for any business.

What is the Sleeve Pack Shipping System?

Sleeve Pack is the successor to the gaylord cardboard on a wood pallet. 

But with the creation of a solid deck plastic pallet, the bottom cardboard was no longer necessary. Thus was born the first sleeve system of corrugated paper. The next step – hollow sheet plastic.

Currently, the corrugated plastic sleeve pack is probably the most common reusable bulk container in the world. Businesses involved in the transportation and logistics of goods by land, sea and air are looking for it. We have already listed the biggest advantages of this unique type of containers. The Sleeve Pack Shipping System is the most durable, secure, lower-cost and eco-friendly solution for almost any industry.

Which industries are the UNI-PAK container suitable for?

Because of its unprecedented combination of quality, flexibility and low cost, Uni-Pak containers are suitable for a large number of industries, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Chemistry
  • General manufacturing
  • Storage and handling
  • Military logistics

And others.

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If you are looking to buy UNI-PAK by Dukaplast  (Twin sheet sleeve pack) in excellent used or new condition, we have these available in limited (but larger) quantities for direct shipment. In different heights.
You can visit this address for more information, pictures and to order:


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