Are you worried about Wooden and Steel Packaging price rising? We have a solution for you! - Zamko B.V.

Are you worried about Wooden and Steel Packaging price rising? We have a solution for you!

Are you worried about Wooden and Steel Packaging price rising? We have a solution for you! - Zamko B.V.

Wooden and Steel Packaging: Some Current Trends

Wooden and Steel Packaging are vital for many industries. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world economy hard. No sector remained unaffected. The duration of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the virus have led to serious difficulties in the supply of raw materials, food and goods. Prices of raw materials have risen. Including those of wood and steel.

The world tries to fight back. Go widespread vaccination. We all make attempts to return to normalcy. But the road promises to be long and thorny. Meanwhile, companies need finding a way to stabilize their logistics and meet the needs of their customers.

Rising prices require quick and responsible decisions from logistics managers. Availability of steel and wood packaging is becoming a crucial factor. The main materials used to make these pallet boxes (steel and metal) form about 70% of their price. Wooden and steel pallets and pallet boxes are the main carriers for many businesses. These are companies from the automotive, food, chemical, military and many other industries. They all rely on Wooden and Steel Packaging for their logistics.

What are the reasons for the rise in prices of steel and wooden pallets?

One of the constant business rules is that the market determines the price. According to the short-term forecast of the WSA (World Steel Association), in 2021 steel demand will grow by 5.8%. Calculated in millions of tons (Mt), this is 1,874.0. The forecast data for 2022 are also good and show growth of 2.7% to reach 1924.6 Mt.

Nevertheless, despite various programs for the recovery of the world economy, the steel sector remains vulnerable and at risk. Which at any time can affect the price of steel. In the near future, the price will depend on factors such as: the speed of vaccination worldwide; the emergence of new strains of the virus; political and geopolitical upheavals; programs for the recovery of the world economy after the pandemic, etc.

The rise in steel prices has logically led to a jump in the prices of steel packaging and in particular of some new metal packaging like mesh containers and gitterbox cages.

Wooden pallet packaging

FEFPE (the European Federation of Wooden Pallet and Packaging Manufacturers) expects the prices of wooden pallet boxes and containers to rise due to the impact of the pandemic on business. This is the current trend and is expected to continue until the end of the pandemic. The prices of wood packaging are rising due to rising prices of raw materials and in particular, of course, wood.

According to Bloomberg tv a decline in Irish timber production together with the diversion of Scandinavian and German timber to American and Chinese markets have greatly impacted international demand. In the US, the price of wood for pallets and packaging has almost doubled in last months. Consequently, the American lumber market, as the highest bidder, has put additional pressure on the market resulting in record level prices.

There is no reason to panic because we have a solution for you!

1.Pallets repair and recovery

2.Pallets renting

3.Second-life pallets

Green Logistics is the new profitable marketing strategy in pallets packaging. Many industrial companies have difficulty navigating the ever-changing environmental rules and packaging waste recycling.

ZAMKO has serious experience in returnable packaging and repair pallets strategies. These are “green” eco-strategies based on the reuse, repair and recycling of pallet boxes. Whether wooden, metal or plastic. These are strategies that save companies a lot of money at every stage of the logistics process.

Pallet Boxes Repair has the necessary potential and know-how to repair your damaged pallet boxes, restoring them in a form close to the factory view. But at a price much lower than the one you will pay for a new container. Find out if there is a ZAMKO office or warehouse near you. No problem even if you are not near our office. We can provide transport for your pallets anywhere in Europe. We will collect them and return to one of our warehouses. Once arrived, we check the packaging for quality and perform any necessary repairs. Afterwards, we clean and return each package to you for your next order.
And otherwise we can repair at your location.

Renting Packaging

The reasons you choose to rent instead of buying pallet containers can be different. Such as the peak of production. Or a new temporary project. In this case, you do not need to buy expensive pallet packaging containers. And spend more money on extra storage space. Instead, rent the required number of pallets. Once your project is complete – we will collect the containers. The transport of pallet containers – both their delivery and collection – is entirely covered by us, wherever you are in Europe.

Second-hand pallet boxes

If you need to buy pallet boxes for your packaging, consider this option as well. The fact that these are second-hand pallet boxes  does not mean that they are less strong or less secure when transporting goods and products. Plastic pallet boxes, in particular, are designed for reusability and long life from very durable materials. Used properly, they can last very long. And let’s not forget their main advantage: you will buy them at a much lower price than the new ones.

Individual approach to each client

At ZAMKO, we are proud to find the best and unique solutions for  each customer. No matter the business you are in, we can help you choosing the optimal strategy for your packaging and logistics.


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