How to most effectively manage your warehouse space in a growing e-commerce environment - Zamko B.V.

How to most effectively manage your warehouse space in a growing e-commerce environment

How to most effectively manage your warehouse space in a growing e-commerce environment - Zamko B.V.

Warehouse industry and e-commerce: Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for the more and more growing e-commerce. By 2040, more than 90% of purchases are expected to be made online. Therefore, the speed of delivery of goods to the customer is increasingly important. Large retail chains and courier companies began to frantically buy warehouse space. Here are some facts. The total value of the warehouse market for Eastern and Central Europe in 2020 exceeded $2 billion. And for 2021, this figure is expected to break all records. Investments into European logistics reached €22.5 billion during first half of 2021. 

The purchase of new storage space, as it turns out, is associated with serious investment. Before deciding on such a step, try to optimize your available storage space first. It doesn’t turn out that you already have all the necessary space, but you just haven’t organized it optimally. And this will save you a lot of money. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this.

Efficient planning and use of the entire storage space

1.Optimizing your warehouse for the easiest sorting and picking of pallets and goods

It is necessary to provide an appropriate area in the warehouse where cargo and goods can be processed. As high turnover loads. And especially those using the FIFO method. FIFO means “First-In, First-Out”. It is a method used to manage assets. As products that are produced or obtained first are estimated to be sold or disposed of first. This means that products with a high turnover are close to the packing area. At the most accessible height. And those with a low turnover are further down the passages.

2.Most functional racks

It is important to make optimal use of every meter of your storage space. For this purpose, you could use storage racks that can be folded. So once you have used them, you can simply fold them and free up more space for other goods. The best solution is single or double pallet racks. They are collapsible and will free up the space you need when you have fewer goods and don’t need them at the time.

3.Renting racks

If you have purchased or rented storage space and want to start your business as soon as possible, the best option is to rent mobile racks. This will immediately increase your warehouse space. Buying new racks involves a large investment. So take the opportunity to rent them. Orient yourself to mobile racks that are foldable. They are quick and easy to handle thanks to their flexible design. You will be able to quickly place them in the desired place and store the necessary goods and products. You will be able to move the merchandises on the pallets just as quickly and easily.

4.Get strong, reusable pallet boxes

It is very important for each warehouse to provide the best possible pallet boxes in which to store and transport the goods safely. The choice of pallet boxes is determined by several main factors. Dimensions and capacity of pallet boxes. What goods will be stored or transported. Material from which the pallet boxes are made. Economic profitability of pallet boxes.

Until recently, wooden pallet boxes were the most popular and preferred choice. They are relatively cheap and can be repaired. But their working “life” is much shorter than plastic pallet boxes, for example. They are not so solid and often lose their structural integrity under heavier loads and use.

Steel pallet boxes are strong and durable, but are becoming more expensive due to the ever-increasing prices of steel. In addition, they are heavy and very few of them are foldable. Which is a serious disadvantage for return transport.

Plastic pallet boxes have established themselves as the best choice in recent years for many reasons. They are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Many models are collapsible. They take up much less space in the vehicle during return transport. And instead of 6 or 7  trucks, you can only use one to return your pallet boxes in the store.

Foldable (plastic) pallet boxes are the ideal choice for reusable packaging. Repeated use of pallet boxes saves a lot of money for companies. They do not have to buy new-ones for each subsequent delivery to their customers. And also these are eco-friendly pallet boxes. They are quick and easy to recycle.

The variety of plastic pallet boxes is a really big advantage. There are all kinds of models, including for cold chain packaging, walk-in, etc. In addition, you can order customized boxes according to the specifics of your product.

5.Safety of goods and warehouse staff

Observe General health and safety regulations state when storing goods and products. Make sure that the weight of the stored load does not exceed the permissible load for the storage equipment (pallets, racks, platforms, etc.).

The spaces between the passages with racks must be wide enough for the forklifts handling the loads to move smoothly on them. They must be wide enough to carry out the necessary loading and unloading operations.

The use of appropriate pallet additions preserves goods ordered and makes storage easier. Together with a corresponding pallet, it creates a very secure box with easy access to the merchandises. And this is very important when it comes to fragile and easily harmed products or goods. The pallet collars will secure your products.


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