Which pallet boxes will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh during transportation? - Zamko B.V.

Which pallet boxes will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh during transportation?

Which pallet boxes will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh during transportation? - Zamko B.V.

The best pallet boxes for transportation packaging of your fruits and vegetables (F&V)

The preservation of fruits and vegetables in excellent condition during transportation depends entirely on the pallet boxes for packaging. Therefore, the right choice of pallet boxes is vital. Because, as we know, the FRESH view of fruits and vegetables SELLS.

The farmer, distributor and seller – all have to work as a well-oiled mechanism, when it comes to fruit and vegetable logistics. Every link in this supply chain has an important role to play in keeping this sensitive product fresh and in good condition to the end user. The farmer and distributor must specify the exact type of packaging that is most suitable for the fruit or vegetables they sell. Temperature, humidity, better access to oxygen – everything matters.

The demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is constantly increasing (as well as their price)

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the eternal “evergreen” among foods. Due to the global revolution caused by a healthy lifestyle, the tendency to consume quality fruits and vegetables is stronger than ever. Hence the increased supply orders. The share of organic fruits and vegetables (ecological grown F&V) also continues to rise. This is one of the main trends in the consumption of not only fruits and vegetables, but all kinds of food.

Healthy eating is now a way of life for many young people worldwide. That is why the future belongs to healthy foods. It is no coincidence that large grocery chains have multiplied the space where fresh fruits and vegetables are offered. They know – shelves full of F&V attract customers. This is shown by the latest statistics. For over 80% of shoppers in grocery stores, the most important product to look for when choosing where to shop is fresh F&V. This is how important the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in your store is!

According to statista.com, in 2021 the market value of the fruit and vegetable processing industry worldwide will reach 303 billion dollars. Or this is 4.4% more than in 2020.

Fruit and Vegetables transportation packaging

There are two biggest challenges in transporting F&V.

  1. Do not spoil on the road.
  2. Not to damage their integrity, which makes them unsaleable.

The solution to both problems is the same: the right choice of pallet boxes for each stage of transporting your F&V. The choice depends on the type of fruit or vegetable. What temperature or humidity do they need to maintain the required freshness. And these are indicators that can vary greatly. For example, oranges require a temperature of 0 to 2 ° C and a humidity between 95% and 100%. At the same temperature, you could transport some vegetables, such as onions and garlic, but at 30% lower humidity. Etc.

What is the best working solution?

Pallet container manufacturing- and distribution companies, such as ZAMKO, have specialized pallet boxes for Cold chain packaging. They can maintain the required temperature for all types of fruits and vegetables.

ZAMKO offers light-weight insulated cold-chain containers for F&V. These are high-quality pallet boxes that provide the necessary temperature and security of cargo for all modes of transport: by land, water or air.

The main advantages of the temperature-controlled containers of Zamko.eu are:

→ Optimal load capacity  

These are extremely strong containers that have a capacity of up to  500 kg. Smaller capacity pallet boxes can be stack up to 4-high. The biggest up to 2-high.

Optimal temperature control

Continuous monitoring of temperature in the containers is provided by a special electronic device. Such passive electronic temperature control saves space, money and reduces the total weight of the load. Which is very important for air cargo.

Important! Provide shipments that require a certain temperature to be maintained with priority in handling. The temperature-controlled containers with F&V must be burdened last in the aircraft (last-in) in order to be unburdened first (first-out), and instantly taken to a temperature cooled storage.

For the frozen F&V group, the best solution is refrigerated roll containers with the precise cooling systems down to -21 C °. Also for this temperature range ZAMKO has special pallet boxes are availalbe

→ Fitting Air Cargo Standards

When speed of delivery is so important, containers fitting all Air Cargo Standards is crucial for everyone on the supply chain. Optimal use of the PMC pallet dimensions and the possibility of passive temperature control in ZAMKO pallet boxes will provide you with the desired flight to anywhere in the world.

→ Side Impact Protection

The disruption of the integrity of fruits and vegetables during transportation is a huge problem that brings great waste to farmers every year. But no more! Thanks to the strong laminated cellular walls and the solid construction of their pallet boxes, ZAMKO can cover all your worries. For maximum security of the loads, we recommend all our customers to use plastic pallet boxes and crates .They are extremely strong, designed for long life and reusable packaging. They are foldable, which will save you a lot of money on the return transport. Environmentally friendly and more.

And for the most sensitive fruits, we have optional layers available, taking weight of the bottom fruits in the pallet box.

Harvest bins

These bins are using at harvest. F&V are transported from the field to the cold storage in such crates. They have a special design adapted for this purpose. Perforated boxes with excellent ventilation for fruits or vegetables. The bottom and walls are reinforced, which prevents the injury of a delicate load. Very easy to clean and to dry. If you want to save money on return transport, we recommend folding plastic boxes. For longer distances, foldable HDPE containers are the best option.

Renting or pooling packaging for the transport of F&V?

In a global pandemic situation, farmers and distributors of F&V face serious challenges. But you should not compromise on the quality of the product that reaches the end customer. You need to have the best fruits and vegetables pallet boxes and containers to minimize your losses and to ensure the best possible quality for your F&V. ZAMKO experts are at your disposal to choose together the best logistics solution for you.

Rental packaging can be a good logistics option. The season is long and sometimes (in case of overproduction, for example) to rent quickly instead of buying expensive new packaging is simply the better choice. ZAMKO has a wide selection of pallet boxes, temperature-controlled containers, perforated crates and much more.

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