Returnable packaging with exeptional increase of customers demand - Zamko B.V.

Returnable packaging with exeptional increase of customers demand

Returnable packaging with exeptional increase of customers demand - Zamko B.V.

How many of you have heard of returnable packaging? Let me give you a hint- this has something to do with earning more and wasting less! Big companies know that, and we think you should, too.

We met the logistics manager overseeing the supply chain for a large glass manufacturer, partner of Zamko, hoping to share their experience with our services from first hand, and how they found out about what we do.


What we knew about the company, from their initial inquiry, was that they urgently needed first-class packaging services due to the fragility and high value of their export goods. We were made aware that the company produces several million tons of high-grade technical glass materials, exported to several locations in the world. Logistics was clearly their top priority as an export manufacturer, and they needed an immediate response from us. A little over a month after our initial talks, our partner was over the moon with Zamko’s services, and they switched all of their export capacity to our outsource solution. Let me tell you a bit more about how it all happened.


Right about the time of the first peak of the COVID pandemic last year, our customer got a phone call from a prospective client producing clinical equipment for disinfection of surfaces, contaminated with the virus.

“We are increasing the supply of UV glass for disinfection robots in various healthcare facilities 30 times that of our standard run, in an extremely short space of time” she said. “Can you please assist us?”

We had to react overnight… With no time to waste, we wanted to provide the required packaging solution, without any hassle. One-time cardboard boxes were their only option at the time, and we were there to help with a far better alternative.

They needed an innovative packaging solution, on the spot, without risking the integrity of their goods, not even slightly. Saving money was also on the checklist of our client. We could tick all of these boxes and more! Zamko is a producer and supplier of reusable large load carriers, made at the highest industry standards. Sustainable and high-quality packaging solutions were of primary importance to the client, but not by any means their only search criteria.

 “We need a comprehensive logistics service, providing a maximum load capacity of our trucks, at an affordable price and without having to engage in a nearly impossible returning process” they said during preliminary talks.


There we were, ready to meet all of their business needs, and we could tell that our client couldn’t be more pleased with the discovery of our logistics solution.

A couple of months after we established a continuously running loop with the company, we met with the logistics manager to review her experience with us.

“Not only did you provide us with plastic sleeve boxes – fully customized and further optimized for the load specification of our goods, but you took care of the whole transportation process for us. We could outsource the whole logistics operation to your team, without having to worry about the return process of the reusable packaging. After I approved of Zamko’s intelligent sample pallet box design, we could make our first truck order. We just can’t be more pleased with your services!”

“All we had to do is make sure that our weekly quota of plastic sleeve boxes are ready for shipment at our customer’s location. Zamko was arranging the pickup from our client’s locations and taking care of any repairs, cleaning, and the entire transportation process for us. Every five weeks, once the large load carriers were collected to fill a whole truck, we received our packaging back to our site in intact condition. Later on, we arranged some safety stock boxes to cover for extra orders while we waited.” she added.


We wanted to hear back more about the implementation process that we had in place:

“Tell you this- I haven’t been less troubled about the logistics of my operations until I found Zamko. You were in charge of every pick-up and every little amendment in this process, from the individual pallet box fixtures to every part of the shipping management. We received our first reusable large load carries in 3-4 weeks and the whole process became automated in no time.”


When we asked the logistics manager to summarize their experience with us in a few words, she said:

“The whole service was prompt, efficient, and flawless. We integrated an environmentally friendly industrial packaging solution, which reduced our company’s carbon footprint immensely. I can go on telling you about all the benefits of this remarkable and innovative reusable transportation solution, but I’d rather let people find out for themselves!”

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